[UPDATED] Sean K Reynolds just rehired by WotC


People often start in one job then float up (or settle into) the job they are best suited for.

...right before they float up to the job that's beyond their capacity. Peter Principle: if you do your job well, you get promoted...until you can no longer do your job well, and stop getting promoted. And demotions cause trouble so...

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I wonder when and if a successor to Pathfinder will come out, like building on 5th edition but better. Iron out some of the mistakes they made and rebuild some classes and especially the feats. I would buy it, especially if I could mix and match.

Yes, I know 3rd ed isn't incredibly different in many respects, but the overall balance and the math are quite off.

Well, using the 5th Ed chassis, all previous editions, and now Pathfinder Unchained, I can pretty much wrangle up my dream D&D system.


Morlock: Which might be the case in a traditional business where there are opportunities for promotion within the business. A lot of businesses employ a contractor who will subcontract in staff for particular projects . A good example is a Building company who actually employs very few staff but hires many contractors to fill its ranks (and they in turn recruit staff in subcontractors) It makes the hiring and firing of staff far easier.


Not your screen monkey (he/him)
That must suck, having to defend stuff you disagree with. Kind of like a defense lawyer I guess.

Eh, it comes with the territory when you're in any kind of collective decision-making situation and then have to represent the group. You have your own opinion but, if it didn't win the day, you present and defend what did just like you would if yours had won.

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