[UPDATED] Sean K Reynolds just rehired by WotC

He's an opinionated bald man, why can't we slam him? Probably good news. They certainly need the help.


Game designer Sean K Reynolds posted a photo on Facebook today with the caption "First day of my new gig at Wizards of the Coast". He worked at WotC on D&D 3E, and then spent a few years working at Paizo on their Pathfinder RPG. The caption doesn't make it clear whether he's back as an employee, a contractor, or even that he's working on D&D (though it's a fair bet that he is). I'm sure we'll find out more very soon! [UPDATE: "I've taken a contract position at Wizards of the Coast to help manage lore and other content for D&D and FR, in order to make it easier for WotC and licensors to make stuff.... I'm actually not doing game design... I'm helping sort out lore and other content (primarily for FR) so WotC licensors (like videogame companies) have easy access to the info they need."]


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Sean K Reynolds posted (publicly) on Facebook that today was his first day back at Wizards. He did a bunch of work on D&D 3.0, and went on to work for Paizo for a good bit of time. I'm *assuming* that he's working on the D&D team, though he hasn't actually said that's the case. I know they could use some more people working on products

Please don't take this as an opportunity to slam him, or the work he's done. Please, just accept that this probably means Wizards is going to ramp up a bit on D&D releases in the near future. I'm excited, as I know he's done a bunch of Forgotten Realms work in the past.


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Interesting. I wonder if he works on the APs a freelancer, like they did for PotA or they gave him a job. He might be working on MtG.

If he is working on the APs, he is bringing Paizo's knowhow on APs. WotC needs it.

Edit: I wonder if he is the new license overlord WotC wanted to hire a while back. Do we know if they found anyone for the job?

Cause if they did that would mean the hard cap of 15 employees just popped.
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I like most of his work. His thoughts on things like fewer absolutes are very good IMO.



Now those blog posts are from back in the 3.0 era of D&D so pretty old, and people develop and change over time, but I for one am happy about this news.

EDIT: For those unfamiliar with his work, here is a all the rpg projects he has contributed to over the years. http://www.seankreynolds.com/store/index.html

Does anyone know his job title at WoTC?
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Hopefully, what this means is that (D&D Team) = (D&D Team +1) and we'll see some ramping up! If it's for Magic or another department, it means absolutely nothing to me personally, but I wish him well in his new gig!

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