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Vecna: Eve of Ruin

D&D 5E Vecna: Eve of Ruin Coming May 21st!

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Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
That's the one! I misremembered.

They still probably tried to sue over it, tho.
No citation needed.
Just like do we need one to know if a bear defecates in the woods? No.
Same thing with Palladium suing
(legal disclaimer: this is a joke, a parody, a satire, and probably covered by the concept of "fair use" that falls under the 1st amendment of the US. Note, I am not a lawyer ;) )

I'm fairly certain Tasha is going to be one of the 3 archmages. She's probably the most well known wizard in 5e since she has a player-facing book named after her, she's already appeared in a 5 adventure, and she's the only woman among the really famous wizards. WotC is going to want both genders to be represented in a group of 3 plot-driving NPCs.

Speaking of plot-driving NPCs, I hope the archmages don't play a too prominent role in the adventure. Running errands for a bunch of powerful NPCs rarely makes for a satisfying story for the players.


History suggests we'll see the archmages for an opening scene where Vecna then does something horrible to them, to reinforce just how bad news he is.
If it were me, I'd frame it where the archmages have to stay in one spot powering a big "Slow down Vecna's scheme to the speed of plot" ritual, and they can only just spare the magic for portals to send the PCs across the multiverse hunting for the Rod of Seven Parts. But I'm not a professional adventure designer, so I rather hope the actual gimmick is something more clever.

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