Vin Diesel plays D&D

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Wolfen Priest

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Re: Other Famous Gamers

shouit said:
I know Bare Naked Ladies play.

I have also heard that the lead singer of Tool plays as well as Creed has a campaign that they play on the road. At least they have been purchasing gaming merchandise from an online game store.

I am sure that there are other famous people that play, but I wonder if they are afraid to say they play because of the problems it may cause with publicity. Anyone know of any others that play?

First, you know BARE NAKED LADIES who play D&D? Wow, sign me up, man!

Second, if the lead singer of Tool plays/has played D&D, then (a) it confirms all my admiration of the man and his band, and (b) it confirms my admiration for the game and all it's players.

Third, I've also heard that Robin Williams plays Warhammer 40,000, so I'd be willing to bet he's played D&D a few times as well. (On a side note: I bet he plays an insane dwarf, or gnome. :))


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Quoted from alsih2o's url reply of:

alsih2o said:

newspapers love human interest stories, your local gaming shop and your game group are a great human insterest story, contact them and they will come.

I bet my five years as a newspaper reporter that local newspapers DON’T find game shops to be human-interest stories. The only reporters interested covering game shops would be those with an agenda pro or con.

I was at one newspaper for a year and I could tell by the comments by staff that gamers were seen as one step above the people who dress up at conventions, which is not very flattering mind you. On the other hand, they have a good-natured laugh about the “freak” who paints his body in team colors for the local game.

I have, however, managed to help get games press. I am now a PR professional who can occasionally slips a news lead to WotC and others when I see them. While the local papers could care less, the national Associated Press had a news lead on a story on how kids whine to get their way. I managed to get them to come to my local game store on the premise of Pokemon. (they didn’t care about the DND angle)

Guess who ran that story, my old local paper that I had left two years ago. Did they did it more as an in-joke about a former employee (they knew my son was bossy and it was regular joke at the office) than anything game related.

I can also see getting a reporter to a game store if there was a real human-interest story related to it, like a store manager who’s in a wheel chair. But then again from that angle he could be running a Dollar Store for all that matters.

Lesson learned, the only time a game store gets in the news is the same way any local business gets its name in the news - by association with a real story, not as the focus of the story.

I also spotted a weird article about fan fiction. I sent it to WotC with the suggestion that Raymond E. Feist and R.A. Salvatore are “fanfiction” writers who are now making a decent living.

Alshi20, you had some great suggestions for grass roots efforts for improving the image of gaming. The newspaper suggestion was a little off base, that’s all.

On a national level, something else has to be done. Problem is, who’s going to pay for it?

The SciFi channel had a great promotion called "I'm SciFi" Which featured Jet Li and Evergreen as scifi fans. The problem was that they only aired the commercials on their channel, sort of like preaching to the choir. If they could have spent some mean dollars, it should have been on Showtime. SF Channels had improved over the years as they have become part of a larger company. And that has happened with WotC, but it still not enough.


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FYI: Previously, four separate Vin Diesel threads existed, which was a bit much... :p Thus, they together are one thread now: This thread.

- Darkness

Hand of Evil

You know this could be a scam. A new movie coming out, go into a store be seen, talk to a few people BOOM instant fan base! Go into a comic/game store where people have interest in spy movies/internet/games and KA-BOOM! Word is spread, interest spikes, people go to the movie.


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