Vin Diesel plays D&D


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Hand of Evil said:
You know this could be a scam. A new movie coming out, go into a store be seen, talk to a few people BOOM instant fan base! Go into a comic/game store where people have interest in spy movies/internet/games and KA-BOOM! Word is spread, interest spikes, people go to the movie.



This subject was brought up already, sign. It was more detailed post about how Vin plays up his mixed racial heritiage to snag the minortiy audience. And then he sees Scorpion King with it's built in WWF audeince and figures he can do the same on a smaller scale for his own modest fantasy franchise project.

His own DM is the writer, riggghhht.

Hey my thread had 35 posts, why did it have to be the one to go. :(

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Hand and Eye of Piratecat [Moderator]
Voneth said:

Hey my thread had 35 posts, why did it have to be the one to go. :(
It isn't gone; it's in here, somewhere.

Actually, none of the threads are gone.

See, when threads are combined, all posts are sorted by last posting date - no matter which thread a specific post originated in. Thus, while the posts are here, their order will be somewhat different from before (since posts from the other threads are mixed in). So just look around a bit, and you'll find your posts. :cool:


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Ah, just you wait. The user named Vin Diesel will be here any second now. Funny, how he decided to post in the Carrot Top thread first...
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Saracen said:

Also, the idea of him pandering to gamers is laughable. We are too small a group to pander to. In fact, admitting to playing DnD would be more likely to hurt his image, not improve it. Basically, he's admitted to being a bit of a geek. Something that would be more likely to hurt his tough-guy image with the Fast and the Furious Fanboys.

Agreed. D&D is too dang geeky. He'll end up bringing himself down more than lifting the game up.

But its all good. Vin's ultra-cool alpha male manli-manliness will give him a high resistance. Now what if Matthew Broderick admitted he played? Forget it. Career over. :D

I'm A Banana

I'm an actor, and I play D&D. I even have a starring role in a small movie.

It's not that big of a stretch that creative Hollywood people would be involved in D&D or other RPG-style games. It's really a wonderful creative experience.

D&D players aren't anything special. I played with the captain of the football team in high school, and I play with the token "Hot Asian Girl" in my dorm.

The only thing standing between D&D and the popularity of games like Monopoly or Scrabble is that stigma associated with it. Most people express no desire to get into it.

You just need to nurture that some people have an inherent curiousity.

Music people, movie people, writers, artists....the hobby is already a training ground/outlet for many of them.

We aren't that special. We aren't on some high horse.

We play D&D. It's like a more creative and interactive version of Clue, at it's most basic level. Any anyone can enjoy that. :)

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