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The Vulcans (and their Romulan cousins) are descended from a much more primitive and warlike culture. Unlike the Romulans, the Vulcans chose to focus on reason, self-discipline, and suppression of emotions.

The Vulcans are basically a pacifistic people who do not believe in the assertive use of overwhelming force to resolve disputes. Their cultural devotion to pure logic at the cost of greatly repressing their emotional identity is well known. A remarkable side effect of this logic-based rationality is the enormously high incidence of psionic ability found in Vulcans. It is interesting to note that, by way of comparison, Romulans are no more likely to show positive psionic potential than the average rate for the other species, which is about one in every 2.5 million healthy adults. While all Vulcans possess psionic potential, only about one in every 20,000 has the potential to become a true Psionic Master. Vulcans are limited to the psionic abilities found within the skill list, but all Vulcans are assumed to have latent psionics and may buy those skills with no restrictions during campaigns (subject to GM approval).

Homeworld: Class-K, Gravity 1.18G, Atmospheric pressure 0.83, mean temperature 92°F, Zorski Group III-a.

[h=1]Species Traits[/h]Size: As Medium creatures, Vulcans have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Ability Modifiers: Vulcans gain a +2 to Strength, + 2 to Intelligence, -4 to Charisma.

Base Speed: 30 feet.

Saving Throw Bonuses: Vulcans gain a +4 to Fortitude saves when dealing with heat and heat-based attacks. Theyalso gain a +4 to Will saves when faced with any fear checks or modifiers.

Skill Bonuses: Vulcans gain a +2 species bonus on Mind Meld, Listen, Knowledge (all), and Computer Use skill checks.

Bonus Feats: Vulcans gain the bonus feats of Improved Natural Healing and Nerve Pinch as free feats for their species. At any time a Vulcan character is capable of learning a new feat he may chose from the feats Archaic Weapons Proficiency and Photographic Memory regardless of the prerequisites required. This feat replaces the feat he would normally be able to gain for that level.

Free Language Skills: Read/Write Vulcan, Read/Write Federation Standard, Speak Vulcan, Speak Federation Standard.

Other Languages: Any language the character can learn.

Other Modifiers: Vulcans cannot be fazed and are allowed to take 10 on skill checks while under fire. Vulcans are known for always telling the truth; it is against their culture to lie for any reason. It is possible for them to overcome this with a Will roll, but they have to beat a DC 22.

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