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War Sorcerer


Spin off from the war cleric thread.

The idea here is a melee beatdown sorcerer. Previously I have looked at a dragon sorcerer.

With the default array hexblade might be required if you can roll a 16 or higher and 12,14,14 or better single class

A new build is the Divine Soul and probably a mountain dwarf for weapon and armor proficiency.

Divine Soul is for key cleric spells such as spiritual guardians/weapon. Sorcerer adds con save proficiency, SCAG cantrips, shield spell and metamagic. You can quicken gfb or booking blade.

You can also quicken spiritual guardians or haste and cast gfb.

That's the guts of the build. Not sure if Mountain Dwarf is the best idea and using mage armor and a weapon is an option for another race.

ATM this is just theory crafting doesn't have to be ideal but wondering how to maximise this ideas potential.

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Seems hard to pass up a level of Hexblade... Squishiness and lack of weapon proficiencies is an issue here compared to a cleric, and getting medium armor and shields always helps with that, plus SADness. If you do go Hexblade, you don't want to be Mountain Dwarf; you want something with a CHA bonus. Even if you don't get medium armor from Hexblade, putting yourself behind in CHA just means you could have been a race with a CHA bonus and then spent a feat on defense.

Scourge Aasimar seems thematically appropriate, and has ability bumps in the right places. Levistus Tiefling has some nice features (free 2nd level Armor of Agathys). And of course you can rarely go wrong with human or half-elf.

If you take Sentinel, you can cast Fear and then beat down an enemy as they try to get away from you but can't (even better coupled with War Caster).


Imperial Mountain Dew Taster
Man, I really wanted to find another race for you besides mountain dwarf, but you really can't beat it for the ability boosts, weapon, and armor proficiencies...

I mean, there are a couple other races that do that for you. Githyanki is one: +2 Str, +1 Int, light/medium armor, longsword, shortsword, greatsword proficiencies, and you also learn: mage hand, jump, and misty step spells at 1st/3rd/5th level.

That would probably be the only other one that really stands out to me even though it gives a stat boost that isn't great on Int.

Divine Soul is a different option for some of the great cleric spells, especially bless for the Law association and those you noted.

Draconic is hard to pass up though with the +1 hp and built-in mage armor.

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