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lyger raiyne

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A killer named Enzio for harming a friend of mine and just for general ugliness. He is 6'2in. w/dull white hair, dull red eyes and pasty white skin. His knees bend the opposite way from normal people. He usually wears segmented armor and carries a bearded axe.

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*An elf woman moves to the lists, blinking as she read through the posted bounty.*

"For being ugly? What the hell kind of pettyness is this."

*She snags a parchment and ink pen, scribbling a response.*

Surely you realize no one will seek your bounty. For a variety of reasons. You left no contact for yourself. We have no idea who you are. Nor is there a payout for this. Life tends to come with a wont for gold, tend to help one stay alive a little longer. Perhaps giving a point of contact, such as your name and a location to find you would get your "justice" dealt out faster.

Oh, and by the way. Ugly? Try sticking to the actual reasons. Insults just get you a deal less respect.

*She tacks up her response, and turns wandering away.*

"Wanted for being unfair faced. So damn petty."

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