D&D (2024) Weapon masteries should really be linked to weapon properties, not to specific weapons!



1. simplifying things.
instead of wondering what specific weapon is for Sap, we now have all weapons with Versatile property can apply Sap if the user knows Sap mastery.

Or if you know Slow mastery, it works with every weapon you are proficient. Simple.

Less headache for DMs and remembering what masteries players have so what magic weapons should DM put into loot.
With this version DM has only to worry about 1Handed, 2Handed, reach, light or ranged. And that is still a lot of facts to remember.

preventing your 16th level fighter to look like this:


why would your 16th level fighter look like this?

well, you have 6 masteries and you want to be prepared for many situations, and you have a set for 2Handed combat, 1Handed+shield and ranged combat for that inevitable dragon.

and your 6 masteries are: Cleave, graze, push, topple, slow, sap

now for 2Handed combat you can use 5 out of your 6 masteries.
so you now need 5 2Handed weapons,
great axe for cleave,
great sword for graze,
pike for push,
maul for topple,
and halberd for slow.

and for 1Handed+shield combat we need:
trident for push,
battle axe for topple,
warhammer for slow,
and longsword for sap.

and finally ranged combat:
longbow for push,
heavy crossbow for topple,
light crossbow for slow.

that is 12 weapons, 8 of those are 2Handed, 7 are Heavy. total of 90+ lb for anyone that cares about weight limit.

if you take this variant, you only need 3 weapons to make this all work:
greatsword for 2Handed
warhammer for 1Handed
and longbow for ranged

10lb total, plus shield 6lb. And I get all 3 damage types for resistance/immunity problems.

now, this would rob the fighter of their "cool" 9th level feature, but it's not a cool feature.
It's bad feature because it fixes the problem of a bad part of otherwise great new feature, Mastery.
It does not add really something extra, it just fixes logistics problems caused by Master feature.

What should fighter get for Mastery at 9th level?

fighter adds 2 mastery effects to every attack if those 2 masteries are applicable to attack with that weapon.

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Imo, right now, masteries dont do a good job of communicating why they are go to some weapons and not others. I think all of these super simple masteries should be for all weapons. Fighters can have a number equal to their pb, or half pb, that they can always use. Rangers and barbs get to choose one mastery they can use with their weapons. I think the organization now is confusing and unintuitive.


I agree. But I doubt it will happen.

Also, only the fighter gets more than 2. So you're going to look more like this.
Yeah, other classes get 4, but you may also need 12 weapons for 2Handed, 1Handed and ranged combat to utilize "only" those 4 masteries.


Yeah, other classes get 4, but you may also need 12 weapons for 2Handed, 1Handed and ranged combat to utilize "only" those 4 masteries.
It was reduce to 2 for all classes.

Your training with weapons allows you to use the Mastery property of two kinds of Simple or Martial Mele

Except the fighter. Which starts at 3 and goes to 6.


@Horwath : When did you last check your players inventories? They probably already look like this...

Sorcerer: 2 daggers, crossbow
Rogue: longbow, rapier, 2 daggers,
Paladin: Longsword, warhammer, 5 javelins(basically ammunition), dagger

those are current charcters.
But, I admit, sometimes in history of playing I may had a character or two that was "one with the Armory".
then the DM makes you check your weight limit and you buy a donkey for carrying it all.

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