Westworld Season 3 [spoilers]


I don't see anyone talking about Westworld Season 3 yet. The first episode came out a couple of days ago.

It's been 90-odd days in-world since the massacre at the end of Season 1.

Dolores is out in the real world, beginning her plans to wipe out humanity (my guess). She's using her knowledge from the park's data collection of guests to her advantage.

Fake Charlotte is under Dolores' control, as are at least four others.

At the end of the episode, Dolores is hurt and meets up with PTSD-suffering veteran and gamified-crime junkie, Caleb, who is looking for someone "real" rather than the fake voice of his dead buddy that was being used for therapy purposes. I wonder if he's going to be in for a rude awakening when he realizes Dolores isn't who she appears to be.

It looks like Dolores wants to take over that spherical AI system known as Rehoboam.

The rebuilt Bernard has been on the run, hiding out as a farmer, in the real world. It looks like Dolores has had fake Charlotte brand him as the cause of the Westworld massacre, perhaps to make it more difficult for him to stop her. He's also got some button that lets him change his personality or something so he can go into murderous rages. He then heads back to Westworld, paying some Filipino (?) water taxi guy to take him there. (Further proof that Westworld is on an artificial island in the South China Sea somewhere?)

Maeve wakes up in a post-credits scene in WW2 World. It looks like she's been put back into service there but has regain consciousness because she's been beating up Nazis but doesn't appear to know why.

Next episode Bernard gets Maeve and takes her out of Westworld. She meets up with the guy that I'm guessing is the one referred to as the real guy in control of Rehoboam. He tasks Maeve with stopping Dolores.

Someone is also trying to figure out which host is inside fake Charlotte's body. Someone asks if it's Teddy. But we saw Dolores upload Teddy to the "heavens" satellite world at the end of last season, didn't we? So that might be a red herring. Unless she's duplicated Teddy somehow.

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