What are you Reading? Debonnaire December 2019 edition


I finished up XO in three days straight and am now reading another Jeffery Deaver thriller, The Devil's Teardrop. Where his Lincoln Rhyme novels deal with forensic analysis and his Kathryn Dance novels deal with analyzing body language, this one deals with Parker Kincaid, an expert at handwriting analysis. The situation he's dealing with in the novel: in an extortion scheme, a criminal sets up a brainwashed killer to shoot crowds of people in Washington DC every four hours until his ransom demand is met or he gets the order to stop from his partner. The mayor agrees to pay up (with tracers in the cash that will allow the FBI to track the criminal mastermind), but the guy never shows up to pick up the ransom - he was hit by a delivery van and slain in a random accident shortly after delivering his ransom note. Now, with no way to contact the actual gunman, the only clue the FBI has is the ransom demand note itself, so Parker's brought out of retirement to learn what he can of the criminal so they can try to find his mass-murdering associate before he strikes again...and again, every four hours, indefinitely.



Dying in Chargen
Finished Blood Meridian, can't recommend it to anyone, it is too gruesome and full of problematic language. Now starting Tangled Up In Blue, by Joan D Vinge, another in the Snow Queen universe.