What are you reading in 2024?


Not sure yet, to be honest. It was a very weird Christmas and possibly the first in my life that resulted in no books (it's ok; my gf was very busy with work and then sick, and is now hellbent on rectifying the matter). I've got to make a list of books I want.

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I'm reading Lisa Jackson's Left to Die, about a killer in rural Montana who shoots out the tires of cars during blizzards, causes them to crash, "rescues" the lone driver (always a woman), gives them remedial medical care to heal them up, and then days later they're found naked, tied to a tree and left to die in the freezing temperatures. He's been leaving a clue at each tree, with their (combined) initials, spaced weirdly so that it looks like he's slowly spelling out a message of some length. The novel has a two-female-detective force trying to solve the mystery of who's been killing these women, as the killer finds a potential fourth victim and makes ready to start the cycle all over again.


As mentioned in the 2023 thread, on the third book of the Legends of Condor Heroes, A Snake Lies Waiting by Jin Yong. Thinking of going through the whole condor heroes trilogy again. Also reading Chinese Market Economy 1000-1500 by William Guanglin Liu. Been reading The Divine Comedy pretty regularly for the past several months (I keep going over chapters again and again because I am trying to study it). Reading tons of classic mummy short stories at the moment as well and a couple of books on Buddhism

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