D&D 5E What big thing is supposed to be next week?

William Ronald

Nice to be the NYT and completely ignore an embargo. Guess what would have happened if I'd posted it early?

Oh, I think that this little ditty gives an idea of what WotC might have wanted to do if you broke the embargo. (Here is a hint -- it's hotter than Italian Beef.)

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLVgGADHg60]Fifteen birds - the Hobbit - YouTube[/ame]
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William Ronald

I didn't expect to be right. We do indeed live in interesting times.

These are indeed interesting times.

I am not certain how I feel about this development and will think about what to post a little later. I thought that there would be an announcement of some sort, possibly, at the D&D Experience.


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I hope they will start off by releasing a Beginner's Set similar to the old B/X and BECMI sets, except that it's compatible or backward (forward?) compatible with the full rules. That will at least give players something to chew on while the play-testing and production continue.

@OpsKT : so you could be glad, that you are not!

It is the fan base that divides itself... and this is how you allow this to happen.

I only can see one possible thing to fracture the base even more: pull the 4e character builder, and make 4e fans sad too.
If wotc has a place for all editions, you don´t fracture, but you build up a place where everyone can have fun in theirown way. 4e has shown, that the fan base reacts allergically to forced transitions. They now seem to understand their role differently. (hopefully)

With DDI, it really does not matter, where your money comes from... (and most new players will get the current edition of the game if this is what is sold in stores)
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Dragon Lord
I have to say I feel a great deal of vindication. After having so many tell me that 4E made the majority happy and we "grognards" (I loved that insulting name. It was great.) were a bunch of stick in the mud whiners. feels good to see WotC acknowledging the loss of our dollars into their pockets because enough of us didn't like 4E for them to take notice.

We'll see if they can win us back with 5E. They have their work cut out for them because Pathfinder is a fairly satisfying game. But it is possible to win us back because Pathfinder isn't perfect and with the new releases, there's some chinks in Pathfinder's armor Paizo isn't correcting with any urgency. For a person that usually plays to a high level, I for one would be interested in a D&D that captures what I like from the previous editions of the game including a versatile and powerful magic system while making the game playable at high level without goofy archers and barbarians that massacre 90% of encounters while other classes stand their looking slow and dumb.

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