D&D 5E What big thing is supposed to be next week?


Well, that was fun
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Nice to be the NYT and completely ignore an embargo. Guess what would have happened if I'd posted it early?

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Interesting that WotC are conducting this experiment but I can't help thinking of the equation:

Camel = Horse + Committee

Seems most likely to result in a design that appeals to the lowest common denominator. Quite the opposite of how the original game was conceived and developed.

Still, will follow with interest and participate, if possible and if, as the article suggests, it's more than an open beta.
This is my concern.

Or rather, that the squeakiest wheel will get the grease, as opposed to what the majority wants.

Also considering the amount of pixels devoted to people saying what they want, you'd think that by now WotC wouldn't need to ask.


What's the embargo story/history?

News was not supposed to be posted until 10am eastern today. Then the NYT went ahead and posted ahead of other media channels under an NDA. And the WotC article makes it look like they might have known that NYT would be posting early.


I wonder how many people will be selling off 4e stuff on eBay.

I wonder what this means for DDI?

I suppose someone should create a post-news dicussion thread.


Well, I don't care what y'all think. I'm excited. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Mike and Monte have for us.

So who volunteers to trawl through thousands of pages to produce 'The Best of Enworld's 5E suggestions?' :)

I do! ...Funny how everybody's suggestions seem to line up perfectly with what I want out of 5E. :)
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I do! Funny how everybody's suggestions seem to line up perfectly with what I want out of 5E. :)
Great, then I nominate you to produce the Best of Enworld's 5E Suggestions. However, I warn you, I will withdraw my nomination if you dare to add potion helmets to the mix ;)

William Ronald

OK, OK. I'll talk. It's close enough to the deadline.

It's a Hot Italian Beef miniatures set.

There. I've said it.


Someone does have a question:


"Are they tasty, my precioussss?"

On a more serious note, I think that the move to have playtesting of a new "iteration" of Dungeons and Dragons is a wise move. Feedback is important. (I remember playing an early version of 3.0 at one Gen Con... which helped sell me on the edition.)

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