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5E What Campaign Setting(s) Do You Want To See in 5E?


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Besides Forgotten Realms, I would like to see a Dark Sun 5E. I'm imagining the art design of the books in 5E style... it would be AMAZING!
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In reverse order:

4) Eberron (never played in it, but from what I've read sounds interesting)
3) Dark Sun
2) Ravenloft
1) Planescape



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(Almost) ALL of them.

In no particular order (except alphabetical, it turns out):
Dark Sun

Each has aspects I want to steal for my own homebrew setting.

Greg K

Al Qadim
Darksun (set back to original boxed set)
Ravenloft (set to Realms of Terror boxed set)
Greyhawk (set back to the original boxed set and Gary's dragon articles for deity's)
Forgotten Realms (set back to the original boxed set, "gazetteers", and 2e deity supplements)
Mystara (the known world Gazetteers, remove tortles).
edit: Birthright


For me it would have to be (no order, I want it all)

1) Spelljammer
2) Neurospasta/Amethyst
3) Eberron
4) Dark Sun
5) Ravenlof
6) Dragonstar

I know there's a few non-D&D settings on there but that's my list.

Joe Liker

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Ravenloft is the only setting I feel needs an update. I never cared for the basic structure of the thing -- it seemed so forced and uninspired. Some of the elements were great, but the overall package fell kind of flat for me. I felt like way too much effort went into fitting everything into the weird, artificial framework they established. Horror could be done so much better.

Other than that, I'm happy to use materials from previous editions. I would love to see a reprint of Spelljammer, for example, but I don't see much point in actually rewriting it.


If they want differentiate themselves from the other million generic fantasy RPGs, they should quickly adapt Planescape and have the other settings hang off of it as 'destination' universes. Followed immediately by Dark Sun. :D


Wow, that's tough. I have a massive love for Planescape, so it would be great to see that back, as well as Eberron. Rounding out my top 3 would be an entirely new setting. But like others, pretty much all the old settings would be great. In particular, an updated Spelljammer could really stand out at this time.

However, what I really, really want - is 3rd party support for campaign settings. License them out so that we can get full product lines rather than just a player's handbook and DM's book/adventure. The best aspects of the earlier settings are their overwhelming richness. Just a couple books doesn't nearly do justice in conveying a rich setting, especially if they create a new 5e setting.

Imagine if Planescape was only the Planewalker's Handbook and Dead Gods. Both are awesome books, but nowhere near enough to capture the setting as much as it deserves.

Unfortunately, I don't see that being supportable enough for WotC, yet would be awesome product lines for the right 3rd party publishers. Fans get the settings they love. WotC gets profit from a licensee without the effort or risk of publishing it themselves. 3PP gets access to valuable IP with built in audience. Hasbro sees D&D IP being spread and tested among the fans to see what catches and warrants possibly pushing into other markets. It's a win-win-win-win!


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Dark Sun isn't very likely, since the creator has taken that setting into a D&D-agnostic direction:
Yes, that is the creator, but that setting isn't Dark Sun, which is why he doesn't call it Dark Sun. I recognize that it is essentially Dark Sun by one of it's originators, but the Dark Sun setting is still owned by WotC, who can publish Dark Sun irrespective of the originator's projects and their similarities to the Dark Sun setting.


Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms should probably be the first settings to receive supported in 5E, but I would personally prefer seeing Eberron 5E.

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