D&D General What did D&D teach you?

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The Soloist

The English language. As someone from Quebec, speaking only French, I had to use a dictionary to learn English as I played BX and read modules. I had a basic understanding of English, but some of the words in D&D are pretty specific. Good thing Moldvay, Marsh and Cook used simple phrases. Then I moved on to AD&D and discovered the convoluted fun of High Gygaxian English! :LOL:


What words have you learned from D&D? Or any RPG, really?
When you get to a certain age, it's very difficult to remember when you first learned a particular word. I can definitely say that obfuscate was a word I learned from Vampire the Masquerade in 1991. And it was an SAT word so it was useful for me a few years later. I've joked that the random harlot table in AD&D 1st edition taught me some new words, and it did, I didn't know what a doxy was when I was 12, but there were a ton of other words I must have learned as well, but I can't remember which ones in particular. AD&D 1st edition wasn't really written with an audience of kids my age in mind.

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