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What do you eat for a typical breakfast?

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Chocolate pop tart to me just looked like a cookie or biscuit.

Two if them are about the same price as a pacjet of chocolate mint biscuits so yeah fairly pointless to buy.

HFCS when Suger is to expensive and not unhealthy enough
In much the same way that many types of pre-made chocolate cake frosting have a higher nutritional content, and less sugar, than does Nutella.


Going overboard in lockdown. Diet next week.

Bought new cereal 2.8% Suger. Yum yum


Basically what I ate as a child and what grandparents ate.

Argyle King

I typically split breakfast into two "meals."

The first is usually a blended smoothie of non-dairy milk, protein powder, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit (often blueberries) and just a little bit of black coffee to get something into my system before the gym.

Later, after the gym, I eat something more solid. What exactly the "more solid" thing is varies, but some sort of egg is usually involved. I'll likely have a small piece of wheat toast on the side. If I'm in a hurry, I might settle for breakfast cereal of some sort.


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I just discovered Tajin seasoning in one of my local groceries’ produce section the other day, so I’m experimenting. It’s a Mexican spice blend with mild chiles, salt and powdered citric juice. The flavor is lime-forward with a very slightly warm finish.

Breakfast from 4 days ago:
Today’s breakfast: open faced ham, chicken, egg & cheese sandwich on toasted pita

Buttered, toasted pita
2 pieces each of chicken and ham cold cuts
3 pieces of caramelized onion Monterey Jack cheese
Over medium egg
Tajin seasoning

After the pita was toasted and buttered and the egg was frying, I started assembling the sandwich. After piling everything on, I gave the cold cuts & cheese a quick zap in the microwave to slightly warm them and melt the cheese just a bit. Then the egg went on top. (I was intending to cook the egg over easy for a more EtG’s Benedict result, but got an ill-timed phone call.) Regardless, this was a winner!

In this experiment, I seasoned the egg with it during the frying process, but also sprinkled it on the naked buttered pita and again on the cold cuts. That ensured it would suffuse the entire dish.

Breakfast from 2 days ago:
Scrambled egg patty with American & smoked Gouda cheese, seasoned with Tajin, black pepper, and parsley.

2 pieces of sliced Black Forest ham

Toasted, buttered pita

Topped with a smear of roasted pepper salsa and sliced green onions


I hunted up those Banana Cream Pie Pop-Tarts and tried them this morning. They taste great right out of the package. I think I may have found a new at-work breakfast!



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Okay, this is pretty far afield from Geek Talk, but I just find it endlessly fascinating how people eat around the world.

What do you typically eat for breakfast?

On Weekdays, I tend to have a slice of sourdough toast (woo San Francisco, home of the sourdough!) with extra-chunky peanut butter, and a cup (or two) of coffee.

On Weekends, I sometimes make fried eggs with toast and avocado (woo California!), and I pair that with one to three cups of coffee (I love coffee).

What is your typical breakfast?
I usually have either a slice of rye crispbread with peanut butter and dates, or oatmeal with raisins, almonds, & cinnamon. (I'm in San Francisco too!)

Karelian Pies (a traditional finnish savory pastry, it’s a small rye crust filled with rice porridge), fried eggs and lemon juice is my usual breakfast.
I love karjalan piirakka! I've sometimes thought about opening a nordic bakery here in the San Francisco are just so I could have them (and all the other tasty breads), but I know nothing about the bakery business. I haven't been to Finland in about a decade, now....
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Coffee and a hard boiled egg. If there's leftover salmon from dinner the night before, that too.


3 weeks of lockdown. Ending tomorrow booked in Sunday for breakfast at local restaurant. It will be 4 weeks to the day.


Otherwise oats, youghurt, peaches X28 days.


Ate this stuff for 15 odd years growing up.


Weetbix with yoghurt and canned peaches.

As a kid boiling water, milk, Suger.

By themselves 2.8% Suger, 1.4% fat. Butter and marmite served dry as a snack.




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