Rando Recommendations: What Pop Culture Thing Do You Recommend (Not Geek Media)

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I guess it's time for me to watch Letterkenny. Friends have been recommending it for awhile, mainly for all the things the characters do to the English language.

I'll second Booksmart. It manages to be very funny without ever being cruel, which seems damn hard for a film set in high school.

Mindhunter on Netflix is great. Who knew the guy who sang George III in Hamilton was such a good actor? (probably people who were paying attention...).


I've mentioned it before, but I can't watch Lettekenny. Remove the modern conveniences like cell phones and it's where I grew up. It's based in small town Ontario, Canada, and the language used, characters, and situation are far too close to the truth. It would be like having grown up in a specific Manhattan neighbourhood and then being subjected to Seinfeld.


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I guess it's time for me to watch Letterkenny. Friends have been recommending it for awhile, mainly for all the things the characters do to the English language.
Just a note if you watch Letterkenny; the third episode ("Fartbook") is widely regarded by fans as the weakest episode in the show's entire run. Don't give up on the show if you hate that episode, it quickly rebounds after that.


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The Great British Baking Show aka The Great British Bake-Off is just a delight. It's a reality show with no backstabbing, no gossiping - just charming contestants who actually help each other out when things go sideways. It doesn't hurt that the focus is on making delicious-looking things that (occasionally) inspire me to bake.


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I don't usually get into game shows, but The Hustler has been great fun to watch. I get to test my own Wisdom (Insight) rolls and see if I can tell who is lying (spoiler: I am not very good at it! :) ). Plus it's hosted by Craig Ferguson, who is always fun. As Wikipedia says:
Wikipedia said:
...it follows five contestants who collaborate to build up a cash prize by answering a series of trivia questions. One of the contestants is secretly designated as the Hustler beforehand and given the answers to all the questions. By the end of the game, two of the honest contestants have been eliminated; the other two must correctly choose the Hustler in order to stop them from winning the entire prize.


Alright, I'm gonna recommend the youtube channels Bedtime Stories and Unclassified Encounter

Bedtime Stories deals in the bizarre, the strange and the frightening, from ghostly hauntings and UFO encounters, but also mysterious deaths and grisely crimes all told in a chilly atmosphere with some amazing artwork. Really solid work.

Unclassified Encounter is a newer spin-off channel, where the subject are short stories, usually set against a backdrop of WWII, where soldiers have run-ins with the supernatural and the unexplained. They're all bangers so far.

If you enjoy solid documentary and theme parks, or children's television, I can not possibly recommend Defunctland enough! The started by simply retelling the story of former attractions at Disney and Universal, then went on to full parks (the Action Park one is worth the watch) and then also branched out into nostalgic TV and did this absolutely amazing mini-series on the life and career of Jim Henson that left me in tears at the end, and a full length (90 min) documentary on Disneyland's forgotten sci-fi band. Just quality content all around.

In the same vein, on the children's television side, the channel Poparena has been doing an amazingly deep dive into the History of the Nickelodeon TV network with the 'Nick Knack' series. It goes over all of their major productions, and many of their important acquisitions, one by one in chronological order and goes into the show's history and the people behind it. It's SUPER fascinating and very well researched, with the author mentioning his sources at the end. I'm not American, so a bunch of these shows I've never watched or even never heard of, but I really enjoy the documentaries nonetheless. They also have a fun series, Monthly Goosebump, that goes over every book in the series one by one.

I feel like this one might be too famous but what the heck: Jelle's Marble Runs! For years now, Jelle's, with the help of commentator Greg Woods, has been entertaining the masses with his amazing marble races! The sand rally, the Marble League (former Marblelympics) and Marbula-1, all with every-increasing production value and their own dedicated fanbase. (#MomoStrong) It might seem silly at first, but I big you to watch Marble League 2021 to see what it's all about! Who knew you could care so much about inanimate balls?


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