Rando Recommendations: What Pop Culture Thing Do You Recommend (Not Geek Media)


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If you enjoy human misery, The Devil All the Time (Netflix) is a Southern Gothic piece starring Tom Holland and Robert Pattison and Sebastian Stan. Netflix calls it a "slow burn" and they ain't kidding-- forty six minutes between pushing play and seeing the star-- but the flame that burns slowest burns hottest. I want to find the dialect coach and have all of their babies.

This is the movie that made me want to do a "prestige TV" adaptation of the TMNT, based mostly on the Mirage and IDW comics, just so I could stunt-cast Tom Holland as Casey Jones.

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Snarf Zagyg

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Did an update on the OP with the recommendations posted! Unfortunately, I don't have time to hunt everything down, so if someone didn't specifically say what platform it's available on, I haven't been listing where to find it. I guess that's what teh googelz is for. :)


Well, that was fun
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Line of Duty: brilliant UK police procedural that focuses on the detectives who investigate the police.

Unforgotten: British police procedural about cold-case detectives l
Unforgotten is excellent. Slow paced, low-key, character driven, no action, but a great police show with a really strong lead.


Any book by P G Wodehouse (the best comic writer in all of English literature). If you want a TV adaptation of his most famous work, see "Jeeves and Wooster", which is likely to be on Youtube and stars Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie (pre-House).

Forget any of the Fast and Furious movies. The best heist movie is "The League Of Gentlemen". Made in 1960, this is a black-and-white film that stars some of the biggest names in British cinema - and is a darkly subversive comedy


Blistering Barnacles!
Some fun National Geographic stuff on Disney + - we've particularly enjoyed Gordon Ramsay Uncharted.
Mix of amazing locations (Peru's Sacred Valley was my favorite), cooking show, and, well... Chef Ramsay! I've always found him greatly amusing.
Always enjoyed shows like this... feel like I got to 'travel' a little bit and see the world - sigh. Rogue Trip is really good as well.
Tried The World According to Jeff Goldblum one but didn't really care for it.
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Victoria Rules
I've a few to toss in the pond here:

TV: Murdoch Mysteries (period detective drama and very Canadian); Duchess of Duke St. (British period drama from the early 1970's).

Movies: Ever After (Drew Barrymore as Cinderella); the Brosnan-Craig-era James Bonds.


Swamp Cryptid
This one could be geek-culture-adjacent, but I'd highly recommend 'Samurai Gourmet' (I think it's still on Netflix). It's a slice-of-life Japanese show about a retired businessman eating good food. It rates pretty high on the food porn, but it's also just a really sweet show about learning to enjoy the simple things in life. It's apparently based on a manga, but I have yet to find any sign of the source material.

I also really love the Canadian series 'Slings and Arrows' (last I checked it was on Youtube and Amazon). I worked in professional theatre for ten years, and I can say with absolute confidence that this show replicates extremely accurately the very bizarre nature of theatre. It's also a very well-done dramedy about a theatre director who might not be all there, the ghost (or perhaps hallucination) of his dead mentor/nemesis, and the shenanigans surrounding three seasons of shows at a repertory theatre.

I really love whodunnits, but there are few I like better than the 'Brother Cadfael' series starring Derek Jacobi (Acorn and Amazon). The premise is a bit goofy - a medieval Benedictine monk who was also a crusader solves crimes during a period of civil war! - but I was surprised how much I liked it. The original books are pretty good too, and the movies interpret them more faithfully than I would have expected.

[Edited to remove GBBO - definitely not off the beaten path, that one.]


I don’t know if Stoner/heavy metal/occultism humor is geeky or not, but Todd & The Book of Pure Evil was freaking hilarious.

If you haven't already seen it they made a cartoon movie, a few years ago, to round out the story. I finally watched it about a month back. It's on Prime, at least in Canada.


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If you haven't already seen it they made a cartoon movie, a few years ago, to round out the story. I finally watched it about a month back. It's on Prime, at least in Canada.
I had heard it was in the works, but not that it had been completed and released. Thanks!

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