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What do you eat for a typical breakfast?

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Neko Princess

I don't usually eat breakfast. The first thing I consume upon waking up is a cup of decaf coffee...though I have been giving a lot of thought to the possibility of kicking the morning habit to the curb and changing it to a once/twice a week treat. For a very long time I have consumed fully caffeinated coffee, but going 24 hours or more without a cup gave me a massive throbbing headache...a few years ago when I was sick I read that drinking caffeinated beverage could prolong the effects of being sick so I took that as an opportunity to switch to drinking decaf. That amount of headaches I get now are few and far between.


Somewhat typical bought breakfast. Struggle with meat this early.

Cheese scone, mocha (top), flat white bottom.


Southland sushi aka cheese roll.


Cheese roll is a regional thing. Cheese, onion, garlic, herbs in a grilled bread roll with butter.


Staff member

Haven’t hit the grocery store for a bit, so I’m out of milk, cold cuts and a lot of the stuff I usually reach for in the morning. So I’ve been FORCED to search the kitchen for other things to eat.

One such example was this: a sliced apple, buttered, toasted petit pain, unsalted mixed nuts, and some truffle gouda cheese.)

(Today was similar, with grapes & San Marzano tomatoes, buttered, toasted sourdough, 2 boiled eggs, and blue Castello cheese.)


For some reason a can't mix pork with pita probably because when I started eating it I had it from Turkish places and your options were lamb, chicken, falafel.

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