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What do you eat for a typical breakfast?


On days that I work just some fruit, usually an apple or banana. On my days off I'll make a big breakfast; eggs, some kind of meat, potatoes and rye toast is typical, but I will occasionally change it up with french toast or pancakes or Georgian khachapuri or whatever else strikes my fancy.

On holidays I devour the souls of children.
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Very good linguistic sleuthing!

I’m a long-time resident of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex of North Central Texas, famous for the the Dallas Cowboys American football team, unscrupulous oilmen on TV, and getting our butts apocalyptically frozen every 11 years.

To answer the question @Thomas Shey asked, I had breakfast at a diner that serves its entire menu throughout their business day*. I was going to have their Eggs Benedict when I walked through the door- theirs are pretty good- but I decided beef sounded better this AM. (Hadn’t had any in days.)

* I love diners like this, because some days, you want something different than the usual fare offered at a particular time of day. 2 weeks ago, I almost did liver & onions at a different diner (again, a dish that place does well), but chose otherwise.

Well, there's nothing wrong with eating dinner for breakfast than there is breakfast for dinner which I'd done any number of times. I've even seen breakfast meats I never expected in places occasionally (there was a local restaurant at one time that had probably twenty meat options for breakfast dishes, including some I'd never seen before). It was the mashed potatoes that through me, so I wondered if it was a regionalism somewhere that I wasn't familiar with.



Grilled tomato, mushrooms and avocado with haloumi cheese on hash browns.

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