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D&D General What Do You Hope to See with 7e?

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Well, you don't need an edition change for most of those. In fact, most are already available. You can do them with the current rules. So though I agree many you will not see in the '24 edition from WotC, you could see them down the line from them and many you can get now from 3PP.
Since we know the next iteration of D&D is going to be a slight update from the 2014 game, the big issues that we might have with the game are not going to be addressed.
I’m wondering what “big” changes you'd like to see in the game if/when they decide to make significant revisions.
  • Minions
There are 3PP that provide these for 5e. IIRC, MCDM is including them in there "Flee Mortals" monster manual as well.
  • Bloodied condition
You already get this with LevelUp. Other 3PP 5e products. have added back too.
  • 4e-style healing surges
The could do something similar with HD (we do in our houserules). Not sure if any 3PP has done this.
  • Niche protection for classes
I'm not into niche protection so I haven't really noticed if someone has tackled this (I don't personally see it as an issue).
  • Monsters that have defined roles (leader, soldier, striker, etc.)
3PP has done this. There is a great free website that as 4e style monster builder for 5e. Also, "Flee Mortals" will include monster roles IIRC.
  • More survivable low-level characters
That is not something I would want to see changed (only it is to make them more squishy). Default should be squishy. Start at level 3, which is the official response I believe, or some other trivial fix if it is any issue for you.

FYI, we start at level 0 with no HP from class!
  • Meaningful positioning/flanking
3PP has you covered here as well.
Basically, my list is wanting to add more 4e design elements into the game.

What would you like to see in a new edition?
These aren't bad ideas, but why wait for WotC when you can get what you want now?

If I was wanting a 6e I would want really change:
  • Heroic Surges (expanded healing surges that covers more ground)
  • AC with DR
  • HP & Vitality
  • Reduced HP
  • Clear separation between heroic (1-10) and mythic (11-20) tiers.
  • Silver standard
  • revised action economy (I think): something a 3-6 action economy similar to PF2 but more inclusive.


A fresh take on the rest system that provides a good way to balance the game regardless of the number of encounters you want to have per day.

1 encounter per day, no problem. 7 encounters, sure thing. Want to have downtime but not have the wizard cast more divinations than you can shake a stick at, here you go.

4e with some 5e innovation worked in and MUCH better go math (still front load but way less) sounds like a perfect edition to me
yup... give everyone the warlock treatment (I outlined it in other threads)but start with 3 HD only getting 1 each odd level, then get 1 2 or 3 at even levels... go back to 2 stats better of each to a save (str/con dex/in wis/cha) and half prof to ones you don't have prof in...

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