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D&D 5E What does 5E do well?

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Arcadian Knight
* Just too many damn people. My games were always either 3 PCs or 2 PCs + Companion Character. Our rounds were inside a minutes a Turn for PCs and probably 1.5 minutes for me (at most). So you’re talking 6 minutes per round top end when you include Off Turn actions and interactions.
Hmmm those numbers sound so familiar...

5e is great at being easy to learn for new players, being fast to run (possibly its greatest virtue) and being fairly easy to home brew with out breaking. Its also a game most people can live with even if its not their favorite. Being a jack of all trades and a master of none is not a bad thing. I felt 4e seperated mechanics used in combat from mechanics used out side of combat wich was a major deterrent to imagination and kind of killed the fantasy for me. It was also too slow to run for how formulaic t was.


5e does well with its simplicity and some of its improvements like to segmented movement.
Its rigidness through class structure is good as a teaching tool but can feel confining because of ASI/Feats being class locked.
5e is fairly low in terms of power scaling difference between players, so they won't notice as much compared to other editions.

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