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D&D 4E What has you excited about 4e?

Simia Saturnalia

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Shortman McLeod said:
Odd, I've been playing D&D since 1981 and I've yet to come across an "army" in an adventure or campaign. Lots of adventuring groups, lots of bands of monsters, lots of tribes and villages and cities full of NPCs, but no "armies". Are you thinking Warhammer, perchance? (Although I'll grant you that the D&D Rules Cyclopedia had rules for mass combat between armies).
Perhaps there are some plots your DM never used/you never considered using? Ones that involve armies, wars, temporal politics, stuff like that?

Just a thought. Considering the general hue and cry about any elements in the presumed D&D setting that don't line up with Europe of the early second millennium, I should think the fact that the powers of that time and geography were nearly constantly at war with each other would instruct more campaigns.

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Shortman McLeod said:
Odd, I've been playing D&D since 1981 and I've yet to come across an "army" in an adventure or campaign.

Have you not played the "Master of the Desert Nomads (X4,X5,X10) series?
or the Bloodstone (H1-4) series?

GVDammerung said:
4) The chance to buy up 3.X material on the cheap.


The stuff they've posted about 4e has been about a 50/50 hit/miss with me.

On the plus side:

I like the new cosmology. I never really liked the Great Wheel but accepted it as I never used it much.

Races affecting abilities as you level is a grand idea IMO.

Codes for CHEAP pdf downloads. I still can't believe WotC wants full price for their 3.x pdfs.

Like the Great Wheel, the Vancian magic system bugged me, but I accepted it. I'll have to actually see the new system before praising it.

All-in-all, I'm not overly excited about 4e; but I'm keeping an open mind and saving my opinions until I actually get to read the new core books.


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Shortman McLeod said:
(Although I'll grant you that the D&D Rules Cyclopedia had rules for mass combat between armies).

Not to mention the more recent 'Heroes of Battle.' It has mass combat rules as well as guidelines for parties performing smaller missions in and around a battlefield. Of course, I have no idea if anyone alive has actually used that book; it's never been discussed in my campaigns.

Vigilance said:
Just like the title says.

Bring the positivity!

Everyone rethinking about what makes DnD the game most of us thourghly enjoy.

Discussions about why creatures act as they do and how. They are editionless questions that I like to read about and think about.

Truth Seeker

I would rather base that on the current situation at the time. In the game, and not have a 'rule' dictate otherwise.

And oh, nothing right now, jump out at me.
Treebore said:
I like the apparent return of "morale". Now monsters and NPC's won't necessarily fight to the death all the time.


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  • Re-doing the math. They aren't blindly giving fireball 1d6 dmg per level. They're re-examining how powerful they want offense to be in relation to defense to determine how strong attacks should be. Instead of just continuing to use an old system that was never really intended to go much past level 9, they're looking at what needs to be done to keep the game fun at high levels.
  • Faster prep time and easier on the fly creation of encounters! If I want a 5,000 xp encounter, I can just grab enemies until I have the right # there. And no table to look up to determine EL vs. CR and XP? Sweet!
  • Per encounter abilities, especially as it pertains to spellcasters. I'm hoping this will also open up new avenues for alternate magic systems, with the Vancian standard disappearing. I love alternate magic systems.
  • Monsters specifically designed to come in groups. Zombies! Lots of them! Hoards of goblins! One beholder taking on an entire party without either getting ganked or having to drop a PC a round and still posing a challenge. Dragons who don't need to be high level sorcerers to be a challenge. Finally an end to the spellcasting dragon.
  • Spread out racial abilities across several levels. This should allow those pesky +1 LA races to be played more easily without the annoyance of losing a class level. Githyanki, Githzerai, Tieflings, Aasimar, Genasi, and all those races that I love will be bearable to play again.

There's more, but those are the big ones.


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re: Mass Battle

While D&D does occasionally have mass battle scenarios, honestly though, given a choice between Stormwreck (an accessory focused on naval/underwater adventuring), Sandstorm (an accessory focused on Desert adventuring), Frostburn (an accessory dealing with arctic adventuring) and Heroes of Battle (somewhat focused on mass battle scenarios/situations), most DMs/players are going to buy the books in the following manner.

Heroes of Battle

I've seen/read/played in more adventures where Stormwreck would be a good accessory much more so than either Sahara/North pole adventures which themselves seem to be WAY more common than mass battle scenarios.

Lord Mhoram

This is going to come off a little strange but here goes....

I stopped played D&D a few years ago - when I did some game-style and mostly mechanical analysis and figured out exactly what D&D (in any incarnation) was giving me that I didn't get from other Fantasy RPGs. I get roleplaying and great character moments from every game I play, so it had to be mechanical.

I like feats, I like class abilities, I like myriad of classes, I like a lot of the spells. For me, I really liked the "laundry list" of abilities and choices that I could get from D&D. I enjoyed all the monsters, really interesting ideas that you didn't find anywhere else (I have an entire shelf of D&D monster books - something like 30 hardcovers and as many soft). Now years ago I knew that I loved the look and feel (and style) of Rolemaster's magic system.

I play Hero, pretty much exclusively. I played D&D until the above analysis, and I started converting over all the stuff I liked about D&D into Fantasy Hero (just as I had used the Hero system to build a version of the Rolemaster spell system for my game).

So with all that preamble - I am really looking forward to 4th for the interesting ideas they bring to gameplay, to see what kind of things I like, and can add to my current Fantasy Hero game to make it better - whether it is about combat framing, or class ideas, or just a nifty feat, class ability or spell that I can use. :)

So there is your positivity - a guy that doesn't even play D&D anymore looking forward to 4E. :)

Amazing Triangle

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I am looking forward to seeing the Fighter being worth playing in the higher levels.

That you get rewarded for playing your character in combat.

That they are getting rid of that whole ECL nonsense.

I love the fact that playing a race actually means something other than just +/- to stats.

I am interested to see the new mechanics as they are supposed to be simpler.

Yeah all the classes I don't play or thought were overpowered are out for the first set of core (though I am sad to see the sorcerer pushed out of the first book)


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Many things excite me, in both positive and negative ways.
(I probably don't belong in an "all positive" thread like this, but it's too late for me to fix that now. ... Just ignore this post.)
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Driddle said:
- The death of gnomes in the PHB.
Yeah, they are going to announce in the player's handbook that all gnomes are dead.
- The reliance on four "roles" in designing classes.
Yeah, we were always told in 3rd edition that the normal party for whom the whole game was designed consisted of a Fighter, a Rogue, a Wizard and a Cleric.
- Unlimited "at-will" class abilities.
Yeah, the Paladin's class ability to detect evil, the musical buffs of the Bard and the Rogue's Sneak Attack ability were quite liked too in 3rd edition, and could be done an unlimited times per day.
Ummm. Warlocks? Talent trees?
We'll see.
I'm also glad that these 3rd edition things will continue to exist in 4th edition.

See, 4th edition isn't a revolution, it's an evolution. :p

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