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What Is Best In A Fire Sorcerer?


If you were creating a half-orc sorcerer with the racial favoured class bonus to fire spells, do you think you would be better off creating a crossblooded efreeti/orc sorcerer, or a crossblooded draconic/orc sorcerer (or primal/orc)?

With the first combination, you can take elemental spells and convert them to fire spells, broadening your elemental damage potential. You can also of course use ray of frost as a fire spell a standard action.

With the second combination(s), you can do more damage with fire spells, and if you use a trait and a feat, you can use ray of frost as a fire spell as a full round action.

Is it better to have a little more breath and a more user friendly at-will, or to go for strict damage dealing potential in your specialization?

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Burn Your Enemies, See Their Ashes Driven Before You on the Wind, and Hear the Lamentations of Their Women.

(Come on- I can't be the only one who thought of Conan when seeing the title of the OP, can I?)

But to answer the question, if picking between those two I'd go for breadth. Damage is nice and all, but it lacks staying power in a standard campaign. You want versatility more. That's why direct-damage Wizards are usually considered the weakest option by experienced players, whereas Diviners are actually a power choice by comparison.


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Versatility is always nice :)

You can also consider a "fire" dragon bloodline as possible option (+1 dmg per die for fire spells) and scorching ray/fireball your way at early levels.

But at higher levels you'll have to deal with fire res and fire immunity so having more aces up ur sleeve is very (VERY) comfortable :)

I don't know if Draconic bloodline suits ur character's background but it will also give you some nice spells (mage armor->kinda basic, and o_O spell resistance->not bad since it doesnt appear on the wiz/sor list)
Plus you'll have wings someday :)


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In order for pure damage spells to stay competitive with standard opponents' HP, you need to pour on the bonuses. Draconic bloodline with its +1 per damage die goes quite a bit of the way.

But already at 5th level, where you'll be doing 5d4+5 (Burning Hands; average 17.5, assuming failed save) or 4d6+4 (Scorching Ray; average 18) with your fire spells assuming Draconic bloodline, you're falling behind. Monsters of CR 5 have around 55-65 HP typically, so you'd need lots of spells to solo one. Your typical Half-Orc Barbarian can deal an average 20 HP on a successful Power Attack with a Greatsword. You're spending spell slots, and you're still not contributing as meaningfully as your mundane counterpart. That's feeling useless as a caster, right there.

For that reason, I'd do several things:
1. Interpret "fire-themed" loosely. A lot is in the fluff, in the way you describe the things you do. Don't fixate on pure fire damage, but mix in some other options as well, especially debuffs and battlefield control. Glitterdust (good spell) can easily be imagined as "a shower of embers and sparks clinging to and singing clothing, armor, weapons and hair". Stinking Cloud can be described "I pick a handful of smouldering coals out of nowhere and hurl them. A choking black smoke rises and covers everything". Even Web can be visualised as "clinging tendrils of whitish smoke shot through with fire. Enemies within the firey smoke cannot move easily for risk of burning themselves." Invisibility: "I seem to spontaneously combust, leaving grains of ashes so fine they almost cannot be seen floating on the wind where I go, nigh-invisibly outlining my form". Even Charm Person: "I ignite an inner spark within him. A steady warmth manifests in his heart whenever he looks at me. He cannot but be moved by the comfortable feeling." [replace with "firey passion" as needed] Etc.

2. Tack on some 'rider effects' with your damage spells. PF provides quite a few nice metamagic feats that add a debuff to the damage. Dazing Spell is my favorite, but Toppling Spell (ask your DM to apply it to non-force spells; shouldn't be a problem balance-wise) and Sickening Spell are likewise good. Lingering Spell plus Extend Spell adds some nice battlefield control to instantaneous damage spells like Fireball.

3. Also, get your damage up, so the damage portion of your casting actually accomplishes something. Ask to be allowed certain 3.5 feats that increase your caster level: Bloodline of Fire obviously, Fiery Burst, maybe Spellcasting Thematics. Metamagic: in PF, Empower is a trap of a metamagic feat. Maximize is worse, the spell level cost is just too high. You'll fare very well with Intensified Burning Hands though.

4. Remembering (1), keep other options handy, in case you run into fire-resistant enemies. Also, keep your knowledge skills high, so you know whether your enemy is resistant before you waste a Scorching Ray.