D&D 5E What is your Favorite non-WotC 5E Supplement or Adventure?


NOTE 1: Complete 5E games from other publishers are outside the bounds of this discussion. I mean, you can do what you want, I'm not your dad, but my intent is to discuss supplements and adventures made specifically for WotC 2014 5E.

NOTE 2: A couple years ago I would have also disqualified GMsGuild material, as I want to discuss supplements made by 3rd Party Companies, but it has become increasingly clear that folks making DMsGuild stuff are just as talented and put in just as much effort as "real" 3PP companies, so feel free to talk about that stuff.

FINAL NOTE: Where you can, link the awesome products you are mentioning.

Okay, with all that preamble out of the way: What, in your purely subjective opinion, is the best supplement or adventure put out for 5E by a company or person that is not WotC? What is great about it? Why is it your favorite, in particular? Where can it be found?

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Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
Dragonix's Monster Manuals (DMguild) are awesome, really a must for any table.

Adventure in Wilderland (AiME). Technically this campaign was made for AiME, but I used them for regular 5e and they work great. Full of small adventures that includes all 3 pillars of play, and they can be linked together or played individually. Perfect for low-level, low-magic adventuring.


Dragon Lover
I will second the Monster Manual Expanded series as well as Dragonix’s more recent Deadly Denizens monster book.

Grim Hollow’s book set is also really great, having so many cool subclasses, spells, monsters, and other great things to use in your campaign even if it isn’t particularly grim dark. I especially love the blood magic spells.

I also use the Monster Loot books and the Hamund’s Harvesting Handbook supplements for monster crafting materials.

I also use Kobold Presses monster books too, mostly to mine features and ideas from as I’ve found that I don’t particularly care for how they design and balance most of their materials. Still, they have a lot of cool Fey and Fiends especially.


B/X Known World
Exploring Eberron by Keith Baker on the DM’s Guild. If you like Eberron at all this is a fantastic expansion by the setting’s creator. It’s pricey for a PDF but worth it.





Another callout to @Nixlord and the Monster Manual Expanded. Spectacular, high quality books.

Goodman Game's "Original Adventures Reincarnated" are great too - my favorite being OAR4 - The Lost City.

Keith Baker's "Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron" is a must if you use Eberron, and "Tasslehoff's Pockets of Everything" is the supplement to use if you want to run a Dragonlance campaign outside of Shadows of the Dragon Queen.


Book-Friend, he/him
I'm going to go with the Creature Codex, Kobold Press' second Monster book. Tome of Beasts is great, but Creature Codex gets really creative and off the wall. For example, the stat block for the Barfight, a Swarm Creature that allows a quick and dirty simulation of a bar room brawl.

Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master from Mike Shea has been a literal game changer for me.


Voidrunner's Codex

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