D&D 5E What is your Favorite non-WotC 5E Supplement or Adventure?

I'm going to cheat a bit and nominate the combination of the Midgard Campaign Setting, and the Southlands Campaign Setting, from Kobold Press. Just really strong, evocative, dynamic stuff and got me more involved than any campaign setting I've seen in many years. Still very sad that they pulled the Brilliant East book, that would have completed the world nicely.

If anyone has any recommendations for really good books of player-facing material, I'd love to hear it though. I'm not sure there's a real standout when it comes to feats, subclasses etc that gets continually referred to like Tome of Beasts and Flee Mortals do when it comes to monster books. I've got a fair bit of Kobold Press's player stuff but it's a bit hit and miss and mechanically unreliable, and most other publishers seems to just shove a couple of subclasses in their campaign settings and call it a day rather than producing more focused products. Playtesting is pretty resource-heavy i guess.

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I had never played or read B1 before I got this. Having it right there makes B2 even better!

So, best 3rd party adventures is tough…but I’ll go with M.T. Black’s Complete Adventures Vol. 1. It was tough because second place was Vol. 2. You should definitely buy both, Vol. 1 is more standard LMoP type stuff, but better, and lower level than Vol. 2, most all for below 5 which isn’t great cause there’s so much in this space, but doing the Harpell adventures from it would be a great intro to any Sword Coast set Big Book. Vol. 2 I think has better adventures and a bit higher level 5-10 stuff. All of these are top tier Sword Coast set things to do with your party, better than anything else published by anyone including WoTC, see reviews, deserve to be more famous.

For Monster Books I’ve read a ton of 3rd Party…the Level Up Monstrous Menagerie is by far the best monster book out there, especially for new DMs. But, problem is everyone has the regular MM and this has pretty much no new monsters, it does all the SRD stuff better than it’s ever been done, so if you’re a new DM, with a new group not already burnt on std. monsters, this is great for helping you make regular monsters awesome and meaningful and better than the regular MM. But it doesn’t have what most people want from a 3rd party monster book which is new monsters, with new tactics. I would love to see a Level Up style monster book with ALL NEW Monsters.

The Frog God books are real pedestrian, you should get 5e Foes for old school flavor monsters cause cheap, Tome of Horrors I and II are more old school flavor but boring monster mechanics.

Legendary Games Asian and Latin monsters are great thematic collections but like Frog God, boring mechanics and seem real shovelware, not as much as Tome of Horrors, but close.

The MM Expanded books are great for adding new, and surprising tweaks to experienced players, versions of standard monsters. If your party is fighting X type monsters again, these books are great for throwing a couple specials into the mix. But really, the new are not that inventive, it’s iterating on known stuff, the new art is awesome though,

Flee Mortals is shaping up to be yet another over promise under deliver product from MCDM, hope I’m wrong. But I guess minions might be cool, I’m seeing dissapointment though.

Then we have all the smaller press and dmsguild monster books…they’re mostly less known for a reason, but are good pickups if the niche appeals to you. I’d put up Twilight Fables as the best of this rest, but might be just cause it hit my need at the right time, still, it’s amateurish and awesome In the way a punk rock band’s first album is.

And so, not mentioned yet, all the Kobold Press books, which are exactly what you want for new inventive monsters with new inventive abilities. Tome of Beasts I-III and Creature Codex. All awesome, I forget which one has the Ogrepede but, man, when I had one burst from the ground mid boss battle my players minds were blown. Mostly, if you want a 3rd party monster book for new monsters with new havits, you want these books. Can’t go wrong with any of them.

And yet, the best 3rd party monster book is actually, The Monsters Know What They’re Doing. It’s got deep dives into the personalities of monsters and how they’d fight, which is a great reference, but as a whole, reading the whole thing and thinking on it teaches you how to get in the head of other monsters and explore all their possibilities. And this is will help you enjoy playing monsters more and thereby make your players more threatened by them And enjoying the fights.

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I’m really enjoying DM-ing Scarlet Citadel from Kobold Press, though I admit to being a bit of a lover of old-style dungeons.
I second that. Along with Rappan Athuk by Frog God - the Scarlet Citadel’s bigger nastier brother! It has its 5e version.

I’ve been a player in both and loved them. Would still like @GuyBoy to run this for us again so we can get further in.

As a DM I really enjoyed Odyssey of the Dragonlords. It was something that felt completely unique as a product and campaign experience we got all the way to 13-14th level and finished it and did enjoy it very much. It could do with a polish for experienced folks and used out of the box for new players. It is excellent at keeping a campaign that feels unified and consistent - keeping folks on goal. I must do a spin off thread.

Lastly regarding DM resources I think one very good product is the Wanderers Guide to Merchants and Magic by Eventyr games which basically fixes magic pricing for 5e.

Worth mentioning that the nature of 5e means it’s so easy to convert that pretty much any campaign from any system becomes a potential supplement.

(Edit) I created the Odyssey of the Dragon Lords spin off thread…

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I've been thinking on this, as I dont have much 3PP stuff at all.

Best Psionics?
Best "DMG"?
Best Monster Book?
Best Warlord?
Best Adventure?
Best Crafting?
Best Magic Items?
Best Kingdom Building?
Best Subclasses Addition?

I dont know if those things all exist, or need to exist, but its something I've been thinking about looking up in more detail.
As far as DMG goes, my wife (who is just starting to DM in 5E, been a casual D&D player since 2E) swears by the Sly Flourish books - The Lazy Dungeon Master, Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master and The Monsters Know What They Are Doing.

Kobold Press's Vault of Magic is pretty in-depth for magic items and their books tend to be pretty high quality. I have the book, but haven't used any of the items within (I find 5E characters very capable without needing to hand out much of any magic items).

As a general note, I find "The GameMaster Series" by Jeff Ashworth (Random Encounters; NPCs; Traps, Puzzles & Dungeons; Legendary Dragons; Villains, Minions & their Tactics) to be helpful books filled with pregenerated items that help take a load off of on-the-fly generation or are just plain helpful for filling out a campaign.

And out of curiosity, what do you mean by "Best Warlord?"

Voidrunner's Codex

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