D&D 5E What kinds of design space is there in alignments?

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Base on what I seen on race and lineage, the only change I see for 2024 in the alignement section is a little tag in the top. Variant.


One day, I hope to actually play DnD.
that does sound a wise idea but how would it work in practice?
Well repeating what I mentioned in my previous post to start: alignment based events and encounters or gaining boons relevant to the alignment
Alignment based encounter and event tables are something I really like as an idea, if you have certain alignments in your party or have been a big nuisance to aligned entities then you’ll be finding your enemies sending their forces to mess with you, or the side that likes you might drop a little something nice your way.

I also think it would be nice if alignment got you something, just out of the gate for being that alignment, a specific spell or feat or resistance or proficiency or a familiar option or something:
you are Chaotic, you can pick [appropriate number] of the following features:
You can cast charm person PB/LR times,
You are proficient with hand crossbows,
Add PBd4 damage whenever you deal psychic damage,
You have resistance to lightning damage
Ect, ect, ect...’

Staying loyal to an alignment would gain you more boons, if you swapped maybe loose one temporarily and have to repick the others from your new alignment’s options, if you were repeatedly changing alignment it’d cause you to loose all your boons.
but also maybe prestige classes like ‘paragon/bane of X’ or ‘herald of [extraplanar alignment being]’, magic or items that change their effects depending on who uses/who they’re used on rather than ‘only being able to be used by’,


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