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Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
I am alright with what we got, but I definitely would have preferred a more significant overhaul. They were plenty clear from the beginning that the goal was a facelift to the current edition rather than an actual new edition. But I would definitely have been here for a whole new edition that embraced some of the innovations seen in PF2, Level Up, and other recent evolutions of the d20 system.

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Yeah to me, 5.5e is just looking like a big sidegrade. I see absolutely no reason to switch over from 5e. Pretty much every single thing I liked and enjoyed from the playtests got canned.

  • I was really hoping for a shared maneuver system between all martials. That way new books can add new maneuvers just like they add endless spells for casters.
  • I really wanted subclass spells for sorcerer, but they're doubling down on not having them.
  • Class groups was great, but they're gone too.
  • I've been fed up with the limitations of 5e classes/subclasses since before Xanathar's. But even my most pessimistic thoughts didn't predict getting the original 12 classes again before we got new classes for 5e.
  • They're doubling down on things like 'attack with casting stat'. Stats are feeling less like they mean anything, and more like they're just 'primary attack stat 1, 2, or 3'.
  • I hate the entire 'gameification' of the world. PC's using completely different rules to NPC's, and things like bastions being something which upgrades on level, rather than through the PC's work and currency.

The way I view it is, 5E is not (mechanically) a better game than, say, 50% of the fantasy RPGs on the market. Therefore it has lots of opportunities for growth and innovation. That they decided to just stick with a decade old "good enough" design is frustrating.
I feel 5e was an amazing and solid foundation to build upon when it first came out.

But they never built on it. And that foundation is now weathering away and covered in moss from neglect.


The only real things that I've wanted in 5e since the beginning is that all classes get their subclass at level 1 and all classes gain subclass levels at the same rate to allow for some subclasses to be able to be picked up by multiple classes. They were moving towards the second part then, sadly, later ditched it.

I'm not sure what else I would have really wanted in the game as I thought 5e was pretty good right off the bat.

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