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What's your Ptolus number?

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Yeah, the packing left something to be desired. There was a layer of bubble wrap on the top and bottom of the box, protecting the front and back covers, but nothing at all around the sides of the book -- just the wall of the box.

I thought about sending mine back, but I want the signed and numbered copy.


First Post
#15/1000. Purchased Friday, August 26, 2005.

Awesome. Mine was packed nicely with not even a hint of bend in the corners. Bubble packed and box arrived in mint condition. Perfect.


Knight of Solamnia
#260/1000, purchased towards the end of last year.

Mine arrived in great condition, though the box had seen better days.

I have a theory that Monte has an ulterior motive behind Ptolus. As heavy as it is, Ptolus causes those gamers who are couch potatoes to do a little effort lifting it. That smells suspiciously like exercise.... ;)

Seriously, though, it'll take a year to digest all this info. I'm wondering how it will compare with the old City of Greyhawk boxed set or Yggsburgh in terms of flavor.

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