D&D General Which Race/Class/Subclass would you play as with a fellow ENworlder?

Some of you another thread over mentioned one or more ENworlders that you would like to play with. If you were with them in RL or on a VTT, which race/class/subclass would play as? ;)

If I was playing with one or more of you, I would play as a Bugbear Ranger (Gloom Stalker). I would use the Bugbear from Monsters of the Multiverse book because of their Sneaky and Surprise Attack racial features. As a Ranger, I would use the optional rules in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything for some of my character's class features. Favored Foe instead of Favored Enemy (which is too situational IMO), Deft Explorer (so that I can use Canny and double my Bugbear's stealth proficiency) and Nature's Veil (because it makes me think atm of the personal cloaking device worn by the Predators). 😈 I would pick up the Two-Weapon Fighting style at 2nd level, but I would also try to pick up as many Ranger spells to augment my character's longbow attacks (Ensnaring Strike, Hail of Thorns, Conjure Barrage, etc.) Lastly I would have my character pick up the Gloom Stalker subclass because of Gloom Stalker Magic (Disguise Self- infiltration/espionage, Rope Trick- sniper's nest), Umbral Sight and Iron Mind.

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I don't know if ENWorlders still do it (they probably do) but years ago when I went to GenCon there were many threads arranging in-person meet-up games at GenCon in the hotel lobbies. You'd sign up for the game in the thread here well in advance and meet there to play.

I did that and every one of those games was fantastic. Some of the best GM'ing I've had in my life. And after that weekend my only regret was not signing up for as many more of those games as I could have possibly made it to. I literally could have not had a ticket to GenCon and just moved from hotel lobby to hotel lobby and my weekend would have felt complete.

As to your question, I learned it doesn't matter. I'd go to games for different systems I'd never played, games where the GM assigned me a pre-made character, game where I brought my own. It didn't matter. I had fun with anything I was playing with because it wasn't really about my PC's abilities. The DMs/GMs were so good everyone had the spotlight and felt important to the game.


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Quick question, this is tagged as D&D General, can any edition work for this?


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I'm just using this as an opportunity to post a character build that's been ratting around in my head for a little while 🤷‍♂️
Species: Half-Elf (Mark of Storm) (DEX+1, CHA+2)
Class: Paladin (Treachary) (Mariner Fighting Style)
Background: Urban Bounty Hunter
Skills: Insight, Intimidation, Stealth, Deception(Expertise)
Feats: 1st level:Silver Tongued(CHA+1), 4th: Defensive Duelist/Medium Armour Master?
Stats(point buy):STR:8
DEX:16 (15+1)
CHA:16 (13+2+1)
Gear: Rapier, Longbow, Chain Shirt=>Breastplate/Halfplate?, Thieves Tools

This is a surprisingly roguish Paladin build, Half-Elf's extra language might be used to pick up Thieve's Cant, Storm Mark's expanded spells give some nice support on the rogue front with Fog Cloud and Feather Fall as well as some nice offensive/summoning spells later on, Mariner providing a climb and swimb speed, Urban Bounty Hunter provides Thieves Tools I don't know if Medium Armour Master's permanant AC buff would be better than Defensive Duelist's once a turn +PB reaction AC buff in the long run?
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I'm actually going to be playing in a game with @RangerWickett in the next week or two. so I've got that character going already.

I think my next character will be an A5e Warlock so I can really -play- with the Eldritch Disturbance and maybe the Eldritch Blackguard martial tradition.


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We're both being self indulgent and playing classes we wrote. Lol
Have you considered switching characters, so you can each run out what the other wrote and see how it goes?

Edit to add: as for what I'd play, that's a decision I'd most likely make between sitting down at the table and picking up the roll-up dice. Or even later, once I've seen what the dice give me to work with.

assuming no further context, an a5e human holy champion herald x/fighter 1 (or brute fighter 3, depending on the campaign). i really wanna see a ferald in action, and a5e humans seem unironically cool mechanically.


Oh I would play anything, I tend to favour Elf Wizard but I have real fondness for a melee caster type. I would try and fit in with the party and style of game.
There are also some ranger sub classes I would like to try.


I honestly can enjoy any class, so I always ask what the DM or party would prefer that I play. Or, if it's a roll-first kind of situation, the dice largely determine what comes next. I'm not used to choosing in a vacuum like this but, since I'm on the spot...

Assuming 5e, I think I would go beast master ranger, since I haven't played a ranger in ages and I want to try out the new beast master rules for myself. For species, maybe...firbolg. Mostly because I have a cool firbolg ranger miniature that I recently painted up, but also their whole nature schtick suits a ranger pretty well. I see this character as an affable rogue type, who maybe needs to learn a bit of responsibility.

Could also go for a warlock, maybe pact of the Great Old One. I like the character concept of someone who is drawn to mysteries and slowly uncovering the reality that they have entered into a relationship with a force that is better left alone. I think I would make them a human, or maybe a tortle. Hmmm...yeah...a slow-moving tortle who is methodically plugging away at figuring out this strange and powerful entity, and liking what they uncover less and less...
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