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Who's you favorite comic book hero(ine)?


The late Tommy Monaghan, Hitman.


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Superman (in general), Nightwing (as written by Chuck Dixon) and Blue Beetle (Ted Kord, as written in the JLI era).


My favorite comic book character is Persha of The First. She's also fairly heroic, I think.

Of the more commonly-known characters, Angel is my favorite by far. Something about angel/bird wings gets me every time.
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I was never really a "comic book fan" per se, not like my friends. I always preferred Fantasy or Sci-Fi fiction.

That said, I guess I would have to vote for the X-men in general or Spiderman - simply because I liked the aspect of these comic books in particular attempting to portray "real people" with "real problems" without losing the "action thread" of the stories.

I have really enjoyed the whole long "legacy" of the Spider Man - Green Goblin/Hobgoblin stories. Hobgoblin was probably my favorite villian. Either him or Magneto. I really like Magneto.


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I like Ultimate Captain America best. He has such an old-school view of right and wrong in a time when shades of grey seem to be not only common, but valued. I both admire and pity him in a way I never did 616 Cap. Millar got the man out-of-time thing just right.


Green Lantern (Hal)

Strongly followed by pretty much all of the big seven in the Justice League series not mentioned already and Green Arrow.
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The Batman.

I also love Ostrander's Spectre and Ennis' Punisher. Waid, Byrne, and Busiek do fantastic Superman stories and I thought that Perez and Rucka's Wonder Woman were superb.

Wolverine was cool back in the mid 80s into the mid 90s, but mostly as a member of the X-Men. Not much for most other Marvel heroes, though, beyond him and The Punisher.

In the end, while the concept of the hero is extremely important, it's the manner in which the writers and artists consolidate and apply the concept that makes them work. I love Rucka's Batman, but found the stories by Doug Moench in the 90s to be subpar (his 80s work was far better).


Alita, from Battle Angel Alita (yeah, it's manga--so what?). Thrown into a dystopian future world without any memories of who she was before. Grows and changes radically over time, goes through an amazing amount of crap, but never quite loses faith or the will to keep on fighting. And she's an ass-kicking cyborg who can fight and win against enemies ten times her size--what's not to like?

Deadpool. Evolved from a one-dimensional Liefeld ripoff of a DC character into a quirky antihero. Always good for a laugh, but with stories that can effortlessly change tack into the heart-rendingly tragic.


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Superman without a doubt is my favourite superhero, with Batman and Wonder Woman tied for second place.

Honorable mentions go to:

Captain Marvel (anyone who can punch out Superman and say he did so quite casually when Green Lantern asks him where Supes is, is cool in my book)

Dr. Manhattan

Guy Gardner as Warrior. I'll never understand why they've changed him back to being just another Green Lantern, his Vuldarian powers were so much cooler.

Nightcrawler, Shadowcat and Rogue. Pretty much the only X-Men I like, and even then I prefer their movie and cartoon versions to the comic book ones. And by cartoon I mean X-Men: Evolution.

And for favourite villain I gotta go for Serpentor. A far better leader than Cobra Commander will ever be.

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