Will the end of Game of Thrones keep you away from House of Dragons?

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Ok, so aside from an instance of obligatory unnecessary violence that bore a distinct resemblance to later seasons of GoT, it was very good. A bit flat in the very beginning, but that gets fixed as soon as Matt Smith pops up (sporting the traditional awful Targaryen wig).

It's actually the sexual violence of GoT that's keeping me away from the new show. I'm just not interested in putting that kind of stuff into my brain right now.
I am curious as to whether we're going to see that in the new show. I think there's been a lot of very public discussion about it, including by stars of the original show. I hope they tone it way, way back this time around.


You'll get your fill of gratuitous nudity and violence in this pilot. GoT is back!

I found the narration in the beginning a little weird. Felt like they wanted to thrust you right into the action. Then, slowed down and let the story settle in. I wish they would have gone a bit slower and used more exposition to introduce us to this new story. What do they say? Show; Don't tell.

Matt Smith is going to be great. Bad wig or not.


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How about you? If you felt burned by the end of GoT, is that keeping you away from HoD?

I didn't feel "burned" by the end. I didn't make it past some place in the second season, I think. Having read the books, it came across as... a sort of Cliff's Notes version, so I lost interest. I don't foresee this being interesting enough to pick up, given the glut of other things I have to watch right now.


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I was disappointed by the end of GoT, but I wouldn't say I felt burned by it.
In any event, that disappointment didn't stop me from watching the first episode of House of the Dragon. I'm more likely to ditch out of it because of the generally asininity and shenanigans being played with HBO Max right now with the Discovery+ merger.

The show, wigs aside, looks like a million bucks. And as a DM, I admire the multiple bad choices they stuck poor Viserys with -- whatever path he chose, it's almost inevitably civil war.

I did find the showrunners elbowing me in the ribs and saying "catch that Game of Thrones foreshadowing? How about that one? Ooh, and that one" a little embarrassing. We get it, guys. That's why we're here. You don't need to pound us over the head with this.

I loved the last season of Game of Thrones, so no issue for me.
I'm keen for the spin off even if I don't think it will be as good as the original series.

I never watched the later seasons. What gives me pause about both this and the Lord of the Rings television show is the mediocrity of that Wheel of Time adaptation, which made me realize that a Hollywood writers room on a deadline is not fertile grounds for creating epic fantasy, at least not without hewing fairly close to source material produced by an author taking their long sweet time with a coherent vision.

I loved the last season of Game of Thrones, so no issue for me.
I'm keen for the spin off even if I don't think it will be as good as the original series.
I too am a reasonable human being so understood and enjoyed the reasonings behind season 8.
I liked ep1 HOTD, wasn't overly confused by all the nouns. Good appeal to most of the characters. Dragons looked nice. All the nudity was a bit pointless though.


I'm sure I'll watch it eventually, but it's not something that I (currently) am excited about. Maybe the quality of the show will change that, but I am just not feeling any hype for it.


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Yeah the new show has that and it was entirely unnecessary as were the gratuitous whore scenes. I actually liked that later sseasons of GoT had less and less of those but it seems that the new writers have chucked them all back in
Well, you only have the first couple of episodes to make an impression. I've noticed a number of series have opened with fan-service heavy first episodes (or two) to hit you with the shock and awe before easing off the titillation controls.

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