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Winter Ceramic DM™: THE WINNER!

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I hereby dare Piratecat to do all of his entries with his probability-magician character.
Shouldn't be too hard, with just one entry to write :)

Smack-Talking Berandor
hopes that Bibliophile doesn't quit now


Harsh! But I can hardly accept trash-talk from an alternate. From you, it's more like "litter-talk." :p

Anyways, I need to expand my range. Nothing better for that kind of practice than these competitions, where you can afford to take risks and try new writing techniques. I still have a whole lot of things to learn. Being forced to thrash them out in print here is a good way of learning them.
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OK, since Pkitty and Bibliophile were the first pair to check in, they go Monday.

Pay no attention to the hideous, cackling laughter in the background. Really. Move along.

I'm thinking staggering entrants by two days will keep things moving along without overwhelming the judges, i.e. we start new rounds on Wednesday, Friday, then Sunday. Is there a day the rest of y'all can't work with?


First Post
mythago said:
Is there a day the rest of y'all can't work with?

i have an absolute emberassment of free time. i will be free whenever all 3 of my opponents are free.

that's right, i said all 3.


Aah! I'm paired off against Sialia. How am I going to smack talk to Sialia? Oh, cruel hands of fate...

Every second day works for me after Monday. At Sialia's convenience for the first round.


Oh man. I just read through the old ceramic DM threads. Wow I'm nervous.

Any who, you know that it’s all in good fun, right Clay? No need to pull out the big guns. Its just little ol'me.
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