Wish I could delete this.

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Isn't this basically what happens when someone gets permabanned?

Not as far as I am aware. When you are permabanned, the information stays in the database. You just aren't allowed to log into the account.

If I recall correctly, when one is banned the user's handle looks thus: Username.

When your account is deleted, it looks thus: Guest12345

The reason that you intercourse for money?

Honestly, if you're not into Harry Potter, it's not exactly a word that slips off the tongue.
Phylactery doesn't exactly slip off the tongue either unless your a decades-long veteran of DnD or really into ancient anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

You could use horcrux but I imagine anything by J.K Rowling isn’t really going to be widely accepted these days. If we are looking for PC alternatives for Magic-Soul-receptacle-Thingy. (Which I think is a catchy name, by the way)

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