Worst Purchase Ever?

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Oh this is where the title goes?
I dunno, maybe this?


yeah you win :)

Did you buy it just on the title alone, knowing absolutely without doubt that it would be the best movie in the world? Did you? Did you?

And then when it got trashed by everyone, did you try to defend it because you had bought it? Did you? Did you?

How long did it take you to get over the disappointment? How long? How long?

...It is possible that I may not have fully recovered yet....


Really, I have to say Dragonlance Adventures. I was really happy when I got, but I discovered that it was really bad at being a setting book. Sure, it gave you the necessary game mechanics, it gave you some interesting mythic background, but... It told you jack all about the various countries, their people, cultures, languages, etc. It was rather disappointing.

Probably the Epic Level Handbook for 3E, especially considering the price I paid for it. The book itself wasn't great, plus I discovered that running 3.5E beyond about 15th level (and probably even before then) is a lot of extra work for no more fun (and possibly even less fun).

If I limit myself to D&D products, then my worst purchase was probably the 3.5E DMG 2. A lot of it was just generic DM advice, but it also included an inordinately complex system for customizing magic items based on origin (for example, if a suit of armor was crafted by fey then it would have such-and-such appearance and offer a 10% discount on applying the glamour enchantment).

I read through it once, and nothing was even remotely usable.


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I might go with the 2E Player's Guide to the Forgotten Realms. Basically a travel guide with a story, but it was not much of a guide and a thin story. I read it once, and have tried to reread it a few times, but just can't force my way through it. And I could never see handing it to someone who was interested in the Realms.

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