WotC WotC general D&D survey just went live.

done doubt anything will come of it.
Interesting. They have mentioned about other settings, including Dark Sun, and about rival titles (World of Darkness, Call of Chulthu, Pathfinder, Star Wars, Shadowrun and Warhammer).

They haven't mentioned the warforged among the main species, but the shifters or changelings. (My survey was in Spanish, and they used the word "cambiaformas").
warforged are hard to work in most setting the others far easier, the other games are likely to see where people are looking at.

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Morkus from Orkus
I think they'll be using another mechanic for half-species going forward.

They want me to remember gaming purchases I made back when I first played D&D in 1982?
I actually remembered, since I had to get my mother to buy them for me in 1983 when I moved to California to live with her. She bought me the 1e PHB, DMG, MM and Deities and Demigods.


I think they do it yearly, but it feels like they did the last one 6 months ago.

I both lambasted and praised them. They had me interested in their products up until about Spelljammer hit the shelves, and I've been losing enthuisasm ever since. Well, actually Tasha's was the first blow, but there's been books I liked since it - just less and less of their current offerings. Nothing in the upcoming year has my interest - I would have said Planescape, but not after what was done with Spelljammer.

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