D&D 5E WotC has updated the Hadozee glide ability on DnDBeyond

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I assume it has to do with the re ent thread closures.
I'm really confused. Isn't it just published errata? Someone PM me about it, then, because I really, REALLY don't understand what's going on.

EDIT: After reading the last page, I figured it out. I feel a bit thick, but then, I'm surprised that it became such a touchy subject that we're not even allowed to mention it long enough to say "they changed THAT bit" (with the THAT spoken aloud).

I mean, I would think that it's one thing to start up a discussion on it again, and another thing to mention that it has been noticed by WotC and changed on D&D Beyond. Ah well. I understand now, at any rate.
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As pointed out in this thread from people who purchased their books not on DND Beyond, you don't get the errata for free.
Well no, I'm one of those that pointed that out. Unless they add the errata to the sage advice page which is free, people with the physical books won't have it. I was responding to a comment about the oneDnD playtest that someone brought up which doesn't require any money to be spent to access on DNDbeyond, just an account which is free.


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Wait you have to pay for errata ?!?!! Wtf?!?
that is annoying... and a leaves a bad taste in my mouth
This is a strange circumstance. Normally they wait to make any changes to their official books until I believe the end of the year and then they announce all of the errata, update D&D Beyond, and order new printings of the books with these new versions.

However, for some reason, they decided to do errata earlier. It might be because of the topic that must not be named, or they just saw that everyone was making fun of the Hadozee mechanics for over two weeks and decided to rush out a new errata. Presumably, the other processes that they usually take with errata were ignored and will be followed as usual at the end of the year.
That's the only way to get "One" D&D.
Darned subscription service.
You . . . you don't have to pay for a D&D Beyond subscription in order to get access to the One D&D documents/surveys. You know that, right? Or are you objecting to the service existing in the first place, even though the thing you're complaining about is free.
Look, I think we're all glad that the gliding language was fixed, at least for some customers, but whose bright idea was it to be that way in the first place? What were they thinking? And why aren't they talking about the gliding errata at all? As originally written it was incredibly broken. Who's responsible for it? How did nobody catch how broken the gliding was?
They based it on the Simic Hybrid's Manta Glide but decided to increase its effectiveness by 300% for some reason. I don't know how they missed how it interacts with High Jumps, that's definitely something they should have caught. And I'm guessing they're not trying to draw attention to this errata because a) they normally change more than just a single part of a single book when doing errata and b) they don't want to bring attention to the other thing they changed.
The glide was in the UA, they definitely saw people pointing out the issue in the feedback. I truly don't get why they kept the same in the book just to fix it after release.
I don't know about that. I participated and lurked in quite a few discussions about the Spelljammer UA, and no one that I saw found the interaction with jumping back then. I'm guessing that the official release drew more attention to the broken mechanic than the playtest did.

Nice. Errata for mechanics released two weeks ago.
Got a lot of faith in the design team at Wizards.
Given that I pointed out the problem with this ability not only in this UA feedback*, but in the feedback for the Simic Hybrid's similar ability years ago, it does make you wonder if they bother to read the comments!

*And I'm sure I wasn't the only person to do so.


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Glide. When you fall at least 10 feet above the ground, you can use your reaction to extend your skin membranes to glide horizontally a number of feet equal to your walking speed, and you take 0 damage from the fall. You determine the direction of the glide.

For reference, here's the old one.

Glide. If you are not incapacitated or wearing heavy armor, you can extend your skin membranes and glide. When you do so, you can perform the following aerial
• You can move up to 5 feet horizontally for every 1 foot you descend in the air, at no movement cost to you.
• When you would take damage from a fall, you can use your reaction to reduce the fall’s damage to 0.

Trouble I see with this is that no matter how far above the ground you are, you only get to glide a total of your walking speed. That doesn't work at all. Removing the armor restriction is also odd. Might just have to stick with the original and talk to players about not cheesing it. At least the original made sense in the fiction. All they had to do was clarify some kind of descent speed.


No, you do not have to pay for errata. They will issue a free eratta update at some future time, like they have the whole of 5e. Probably waiting to find more errors. You can get them here: Book Updates

They have obviously provided the update early for digital copies which is a nice bonus. Be upset that their is an error, but not that their willing to fix it IMO.
Wait you have to pay for errata ?!?!! Wtf?!?

I have been trying to find the free errata, are we sure we have to pay for it?

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