WotC WotC Makes Over $1B In 2021!

According to ICv2, D&D publisher WotC made over $1 billion in total sales in 2021, including $952M in tabletop games.

WotC is the first (and only) billion dollar publisher in tabletop RPGs, although much of this revenue will also be due to Magic the Gathering. It is responsible for a staggering 72% of Hasbro's total operating profit.

Interim CEO Rich Stoddart indicated that tabletop games grew 44% and accounted for 74% of the $1.3B sales for WotC in 2021. The division at Hasbro is 'Wizards of the Coast and Digital Gaming', so the remained came from the Digital Gaming side of things.


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Where in the article does it state this? Sorry, but I don't see it.

Also, is the "it" referring to WotC or MtG?

I would be stunned if MTG isnt the lions share of Wizards profits, which are apparently, the lions share of Hasbro's profits.

Printing art on cardboard then sold by truck loads, is profitable...who knew?

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This is the story that folks like to tell, but White Wolf and the World of Darkness had been in decline for a bit by that point. The reboot of their setting was a response to their decline as much as (or more than) the cause of it.
Really depends on the place you are. In my country it used to be way easier to find a WoD game than a D&D game. Even up to the start of the pandemic.


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Some lawyers, last I knew, still used fax machines and WordPerfect.
You don't want to know how many insurance companies still do. Most medical record software can do a release of information in PDF form (and, jeebus, as long as inpatient admission records get with frequent vitals, notes, and access logs, you NEED it in non-paper form) yet insurance companies STILL routinely have medical records faxed to them.

Where in the article does it state this? Sorry, but I don't see it.

Also, is the "it" referring to WotC or MtG?
checking here: link
it does appear that for the 2021 fiscal year, The "WoTC and Digital Gaming" segment made operating profits of 547M as compared to total company profit of 763M, which is about 72%.

But, there's no breakdown of MTG versus other WoTC product lines, nor is there a breakout of WoTC versus whatever else is lumped into "Digital Gaming". I imagine it's reasonable to conclude that MTG is a profitable line, but certainly not all 72% on its own.


I normally don't talk about money (it's like politics and not really D&D related) but this gives me a chance...

summons high horse

"If a company can make a billion dollars and a good portion of that is from a small team, that small team better make a LOT of money."
"If wotC has 100 creative employees (I doubt it) and 50 support employees (janitor payroll hr goblin interns) and each of those 100 creatives got paid 1 million dollar, and half of thos support were paid 3/4 of a million with the other half being low paid 1/2 million that would be 100 mil + 18.75 mil + 12.5 mil that would make the payroll cost $132,000,000 o 13.2% of that... lets say that overhead is expensive (it is) and cost tripple that outrageous payroll cost $396,000,000... that is stil 528,000,000 or just ove HALF A BILLION..."

"Anyone want to bet no creative at wotc make $500,0000 a year (half of the above) or even $250,0000 (1/4)... what do you think the odds are they make $100,000 a year(10% of the above)? I wonder if they make the $73,000 a year magic number for happiness."

so yeah... everyone at WotC BETTER get a BIG bonus if not a HUGE raise out of this...
FYI, WotC has over 1,000 employees.


There’s certain aspects of law practice where faxes are one of the few allowable forms of documentation.
In the Netherlands, the entire court system communicated by fax until just last week. They finally got rid of them on February 1, 2022. (Which meant that every law firm needed to have at least one fax available as well - usually turned a hideous greyish-yellow from age.)


Unfortunately Strength is a dump stat at WotC so no one can actually carry one million dollars...
Here is a link to an article describing the type of bag that IS designed to do just that...

And a link to the manufacturers site with the technical specs. Including how much $1 000 000 weights (if it is in $100-bills); 20.4 lbs, so what strength do you need to be able to carry that?
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I don't know what some of you guys are on about, I think this is excellent news. I think it's great that the publishers of my favorite tabletop RPG are doing so well, and that their business is healthy, and that our hobby is growing.

I guess I'm just a weirdo.
I agree, this is very happy news. I mean who thought that DnD actually makes so much money that noonr has to worry that it is killed off.
I am also very positive that at this point a well made edition change will even increase the popularity, not lessen it, as long as the overhaul actually streamlines it, and also brings some more options.

My wish would be actually modularizing it. A lean base game presented in the phb and then useful options in the PHB and DMG.
I am also very positive that removing ASI and some spells in the monstrous compendium won't make the sky falling and I guess it won't make them sell any PHB less than not doing an overhaul. I mean, those who are content playing the current game as is won't probably buy another PHB. So chances are that in a saturated marked, adsing something new will make your company more profitable than hoping your 10 year old product will be profitable forever.

You might see the same thing in normal board games:
  • Game of thrones board game got an upgrade (incorporating different expansions intk the base game)
  • Arkham horror just got an upgrade.
  • Even long term profitable games got upgrades, like monopoly or risk.

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