Dragonlance WotC Officially Confirms Takhisis and Tiamat Are The Same

It's been an issue in dispute for decades, over various editions of D&D, but WotC has officially confirmed that - at least in 5E - Dragonlance's Takhisis is, indeed, currently Tiamat. In previous editions, Tiamat has varied from being a big dragon to a minor goddess, while Takhisis has been a greater god on Krynn. At times they've been the same entity, and at others different entities. Today, WotC is putting its foot down and saying that Takhisis and Tiamat are, indeed, the same being.

Of course, this is not an opinion universally held. Dragonlance co-creator Margaret Weis emphatically stated that "TAKHISIS IS NOT TIAMAT, DAMN IT!"

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 12.19.14 AM.png

Fizban's Treasuryof Dragons confirms that the beings echo across various settings.

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I believe that that claim was wrong and that she is indeed a brand new character.

I wonder why claim that without any searching.
DL 15:


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I wonder why claim that without any searching.
DL 15:

Looking at the table of contents, I saw Ray Winninger wrote an adventure in DL15. I thought maybe with his recent involvement in the company that may be where she came from, but she was in a different adventure. Thanks for sharing that info!


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why is it everytiem someone quotes here it feels like she is yelling at kids to get off her lawn? did she like ANYTHING new so far?

M. Weis' social media posting have been interesting. It seems largely to be "Glad WotC is giving Dragonlance more life. I just wish the weren't messing with it so much."

It seems to me to be "burning bridges" but I'm sure she realizes the new "Classic Dragonlance" trilogy she and Hickman had to legally fight for, is probably the end of the DL road for them as far as WotC is concerned.

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