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WotC WotC will do what you say for 5 years. What are your instructions?

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Publish a complete real monthly dragon, as a paper magazine.

Release a new complete Greyhawk box, similar to the original.

Publish a new 5e version of Star Frontiers, Marvel Super Heroes, Boot Hill, Top Secret, Indiana Jones, and Gamma World.

Start re-publishing old Avalon Hill board games, and start creating some new ones.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Oh, also, the only thing I’d really get super hands on with would be Dragonlance.

No retcons, just a time jump just barely far enough that the world is essentially back where it was with the OG Trilogy. Solace’s great trees restored, rumors of Dragon Armies or something similar, few gods around, etc.

Not exactly the same, but full circle, just in time for a new great threat to the balance, and a need for new Heroes of The Lance.

One cool thing would be the idea of gaining epic artifacts at low level, and introducing rules for them to start at an Uncommon power level and get more powerful as the character untaps their potential.


Give up the rights to DragonQuest so someone can publish a proper 3rd edition and get products like The Enchanted Wood and Frontiers of Alusia back in print.

64-96 page adventure products.

OD&D LBB re-prints using the actual covers and art.

Pay the balance to get the Gygax Memorial completed and pay Gail off and release everything Gary-Let Jeff Talanian and the Trolls finish what they started as well as release all his notes and maps and half finished writings.

Dungeon and Dragon print or PDF subscriptions. Find Kim Mohan or Roger Moore and make them an offer they cannot refuse ;)

Put Ed Greenwood & Jeff Grubb in charge of the Forgotten Realms and retro that $hit back to 1357 DR.

Nentir Vale products.

Publish Tom and Eljayess's actual Known World.

Finally deliver on a modern functional VTT.

SPACEMAN SPIFF: The Roleplaying Game

Offer Easy Peasy Map Making program on the website like the old 2e Core Rules software


I crit!
Oh! I’ve actually stated this idea to folks that might be able to make it happen. No idea if they took me seriously or not. I’d give Greyhawk to GaryCon as a region for AL and let them create AD&D mods as well as 5e mods and othe Greyhawk content.


Keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s obviously working, and your team is more qualified than anyone posting here. We’d likely end up hurting the IP or the business model. (Although, I would like to see hardcopy modules like TSR did, not just big campaign books)

That said, you’re owned by HASBRO. Get a cartoon series going, and make action figure toys and apps based off of the show. Suck it for all the 80s nostalgia you can, because other products like Transformers IP have made a bundle doing that. Maybe the writers of the original Teen Titans in the animation style of Avatar Last Airbender


Select a team from Enworld to write and direct a show for television. Peter Dinklage could play @lowkey13 favorite dual rapier wielding gnome paladin.
Make it a buddy cop affair with a fallen aasimar oath of conquest paladin with the haunted one background. One is the chipper good cop with a heart of gold the other a tortured soul bad cop who sometimes goes off the reservation.

@lowkey13 has an abject hatred of paladins, gnomes, dual wielding, and rapiers. I forgot who the first person was who did it, but somebody started taunting him with gnome paladins who dual wield rapiers.
Hah! They should get Warwick Davis to play his brother. Also a gnome paladin who dual wields rapiers.


Planescape, and lots of it.

A proper FR campaign setting book.

Make more MTG campaign settings first being Kamigawa, but don't give snippets of one small section and a filler adventure like they did with Ravnica. Go the whole nine yards.

Pump out a little bit more player facing splat books.

Do a 180 and produce more 3.5 content. At least make Feindish Codex III. ;)

Give the ok to make more 3.5 content on DriveThruRPG and GMsGuild available as POD. The options are too few at the moment.

Start making 6e.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
@lowkey13 has an abject hatred of paladins, gnomes, dual wielding, and rapiers. I forgot who the first person was who did it, but somebody started taunting him with gnome paladins who dual wield rapiers.
May have been me. I’d double check, but I am Too busy playing Fitilandius Felix Fornhollow Gergiorio Proteli Frank Shoebuckle III, Gnomish Paladin of The Ancients, riding his goat Steed Fred, fearsome in his jackalope skull helm and his silver and gold twin rapiers, Moxy and Whimsy!

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