Would YOU play AD&D 2e?

Would you play in an AD&D 2e campaign?

  • YES--If it was a good DM with a good group of players.

    Votes: 200 58.5%
  • NO--It just isn't for me.

    Votes: 142 41.5%

Would I play 2nd Ed?

It's what I started with, so I guess so.

But a campaign would quickly get boring, the 2nd ed system had too many restrictions to really allow for a massive degree of Character Customization.

In fact, if Skills & Powers hadn't of come out my group would have completly abandoned D&D for White Wolf or Champions.

Of course, when we first started building S&P Characters, they were ungodly munchkins.

Then, we agrered to constrain ourselves to using S&P (and the other Player's Options line) to Customize and accentuate our characters & not power game them out the wazoo.

Skills & Powers was broken (badly), but if you restrained yourself it allowed you to really build a unique character (rather than a 1st level Elven Archer with a 5 THAC0 & 4 attacks a round).

Playing 2nd ed is sort of like when I break out my Atari 2600. Sure Q-bert's fun for a while, but Halo shows just how far Video Games have come in 20 years.
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I'd certainly play a game of 2e! Even with kits. But not with the Players' Option books. I never did use those.

Give me Spelljammer, Dark Sun, Al-Qadim. Heck, I'd be especially pleased if it was Birthright or Planescape, since I never got to play those settings.


As FilthyIke said "I don't care about ed...I just love gaming."

I'm of that opinion and if the DM is good and the players are good WHY not.


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loki44 said:
Absolutely...why not? With a good DM and a decent bunch of players just about anything goes. A ruleset is just a way to get PC's from point A to point B. I have my personal preferences and comfort zones but I'm not a diehard for any particular set of rules. Had a blast with Al-Qadim and some fun with Lankhmar in the past so I don't know why it couldn't happen again.
I agree. While I'd rather play 1e than 2e, I'll play just about any system If I think I'm going to have fun. Hell I'd even play 3e again with a good DM.


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I'd probably say no. While I'm nowhere near a 2e hatah like some others here, and I had great fun during my 2e days, we've found a system in 3e that can be tweaked and applied to all the great settings of the days of yore.

And due to my time constraints and many competing choices for my free time, playing a 2e game would be a hard sell for me.

Aaron L

I started in 2E and switched to 1E when I found it. Then to 3E, of course. So Id say no. But considering that I havent played anything in 6 months I may just be bitter.

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Heh heh. Funny that so many people in the thread are bashing 2e, but the numbers in the poll show a strong majority vote YES. The silent majority, heh.


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Johnnie Freedom! said:
Heh heh. Funny that so many people in the thread are bashing 2e, but the numbers in the poll show a strong majority vote YES. The silent majority, heh.

The yes is often a qualified yes, however, and most people answering in the affirmative have said, "With the right DM and the right group of players."

Try asking if anyone wants to go BACK to 2e. I think you'll see a lot of those yes's become no's.


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I won't ever again play AD&D 2e. I mean... raw ADD 2e, because on the other hand, I play C&C, which I see as an evolution of AD&D 1e/2e.

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