XP Levels Revealed!

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Second Most Angelic Devil Ever
1 Kobold 0
2 Goblin 10
3 Hobgoblin 23
4 Orc 37-39 (37.7 by 4e, so still either 37 or 38)
5 Gnoll 54-57 (55 by 4e)
6 Bugbear 77 (75 by 4e, but I'm quite positive it's 77 here)
7 Owlbear 94-100 (100 by 4e)
8 Githyanki 128-132 (130 by 4e)
9 Harpy 165
10 Troll 202-206 (205 by 4e)
11 Vampire 260-264 (260 by 4e)
12 Umber Hulk 319-338 (320 by 4e)
13 Vrock 384-394 (390 by 4e)
14 Mind Flayer x-450 (470 by 4e)
15+ - weem (570 by 4e)

So since only lvl 6 seems off, it's someone's omission, and it's most probably mine :p All other levels are either be spot on or within the brackets.
FYI: I hit Level 14 today at 470 XP--definitely not 450.


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Yeah, that ought to be 450-x (and 470 on the spot, apparently :p). Since only the Lost Bugbear is off, it seems it was my cock-up afterall. Maybe I'll look into it again sometime soon, but for now I'll just update the post.

Thanks for the heads up! BTW - what was the xp power of the user who tipped it (so essentially is it 100% 470, or 465-470 / 467-470)?


Not sure how I hit Bugbear, but I'm sitting at 76 xp, currently. I think I was still a Gnoll 2 days ago, and I haven't received any XP in about 3 days, so this could be some sort of DB error or some-such.


Going by 4e, level 6 is 7,500 XP (75 at EN World), so it makes sense.

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