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    Grimly silent, the dwarf drops his bow and pulls out the WarAxe of his people, calling on the power of his conviction to bolster his waning health. He swings the axe in a mighty arc, which ends in a clang against the wall of the prison. Cursing vehemently in Dwarven, he steps up beside Firvin to negate the skeletons' advantageous positioning.

    Completely, Totally Futile Actions
    • Free: Drop Bow
    • Swift: Activate Judgement of Healing
    • Move: Draw WarAxe
    • Standard: Miss w/ Attack
    • And he'll stay right where he bloody well is, 'cause once more (in spite of decent perception and initiative bonuses) not only can he not get the drop on any-freakin'-body, it wouldn't help him 'cause he couldn't hit them anyway, and now he's surrounded and his Tumble Roll sucks as bad as almost all of his other rolls! (The only possible way it could be worse would be if the skeletons had both critted him, and if he'd failed his Will Save - but I'm certain both of those things are coming as well.)


    Mini Stats

    Hall rnyka
    Initiative: +4
    AC: 16 (12 Flat-Footed, 14 Touch)
    HP: 14/20
    CMB: +2 CMD: 14
    Fort: +4 Reflex: +4 Will: +4

    Senses: DarkVision
    Perception: +7 (+8 vs. Traps), Sense Motive: +7

    Current Weapon in Hand: Dwarven WarAxe, Cestus

    Special Abilities: Spell Resistance (07), Precision Damage, Touch the Spirit World (5/5), Judgements (0/1)

    Prayers Available Cantrips (At-Will), 1st (2/2)
    Orisons: Disrupt Undead, Guidance, Sift, Stabilize
    1st Level: Cure Light Wounds, Shield of Faith
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    "I'll save you!" Toddy bounds through the pack to arrive on the other side and biting the skeleton that sliced the dwarf. Marshan steps back and swings his hammer crushing the skeleton that swiped at him.
    One of the skeletons moved to D19 before Halal did.
    Toddy: Acrobatics through to C20, bite C19,
    Marshan: 5'step to where Toddy was (F18), swing hammer on D19.
    Marshan ~ Perception: +4; Stealth: +2; Initiative: +2; Low Light vision
    AC: 14/12 (12 Touch, 12 Flat-footed) (2 Dex, 2 leather armor) AC: 14
    HP: 20 Current HP: 20
    CMB: 3 CMD: 15 Fort: +4 Reflex: +2 Will: +4; +2 vs. Enchantment

    Current Weapons in Hand:
    MW Lucerne Hammer +3, d12+3 @10' reach; Enlarged: MW Luc Hammer +3, 3d6+4 @15-20' reach
    Cestus +3, d4+1 at 5' reach, offhand; When Enlarged: Cestus +3, d6+1 at 5-10' reach
    Longbow +3, d8
    Dagger +3, d4+1

    Skills: +4 Perception, +5 Sense Motive, +2 Stealth; Combat Reflexes
    Cantrips: Acid Splash, Mage Hand, Message, Open/Close, Detect Magic
    .Orisons: Read Magic, Create Water, Light, Stabilize
    Summoner 1st Level Spells: 3/2 remaining; Mage Armor, Grease (DC 12), Shield
    Cleric 1st Level Spells: 3; Enlarge Self*, Detect Undead, Protection from Evil, Divine Favor
    Domain Power: 3/4 remaining; Enlarge self as a swift action for 1 round
    Summoner Monster I: 4/4 remaining; std action SLA summon, (1 min), Celestial dog, celestial eagle
    Channel Energy: 3/4 remaining; 1d6 in a 30' burst, 4/day, DC 11, Not Selective; Does not provoke AoO
    20 normal arrows ~ 8 blunt arrows ~ 4 large sized arrows, more on Toddy
    4 Silver Arrows ~ silver
    3 White Arrows ~ +1 arrows
    2 Blue Arrows ~ +1 ghost touch arrows
    1 Black Arrow ~ +1 undead bane arrows
    1 Haunt Siphon
    1 Hide from Undead scroll (2nd CL, 20 minutes)

    Active Enhancements:

    Toddy ~
    Perception: +5; Stealth: +6; Initiative: +2; Darkvision 60 ft; Size: medium, move 40'
    AC: 18/22 (12 Touch, 12 flat-footed) (2 Dex, 6 NA, usually 4 Mage Armor) Current AC: 22 for 3 hours
    HP: 13 Current HP: 13
    CMB: 4 CMD: 16 Fort: +4 Reflex: +5 Will: +0
    Natural Weapons: Bite +4, d6+2 @10' reach; Claw +4, d4+2; Claw +4, d4+2
    Skills: +15 Acrobatics, +5 Perception, +4 Sense Motive, +6 Stealth
    Feats/Evolutions: Evasion, Combat Reflexes
    , Skilled[Acrobatics](1),Claws(legs)(1), Reach(bite), Improved Natural Armor(1)
    Condition: Flank (for a second)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Satin Knights View Post
    One of the skeletons moved to D19 before Halal did.
    Noted, and previous post edited to reflect change from minor pissitivity to full on frustrated rant.

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    Block Qik

    "Ugh," groans Loh. "Can't a girl maintain her personal space around her? Seriously." She kicks out a foot at the skeleton menacing Firvinianna, then retreats to where Marshan had been standing. "Your turn," she nods to Kee.

    "I'm gettin' to it..." mutters the eidolon grumpily. She swings her hammer out at the skeleton, trying to put her consternation to productive ends.

    Loh trip attempt skeleton at D17, 5' step to E19 (will move out of your way next round, SK).

    Kee attacks D17 (who's hopefully prone now).

    Loh Janna & Kee Lah-Lah-Lah
    Mini Stats
    HP 22/22
    AC 17 Touch 13 Flat-footed 14
    Fort +3 Ref +2 Will +4 (+6 vs enchantments)
    CMB +5 (+7 Trip) CMD 17 (19 vs Trip)

    Perception +1

    Horsechopper +5, 1d10+4, x3, P/S/Reach/Trip

    - 1: 2/3

    Active Magic: Mage Armor (on Kee) - 0/2 hours

    HP 13/13
    AC 21 Touch 11 Flat-footed 20
    Fort +4 Ref +1 Will +3
    CMB +6 CMD 17

    Perception +13

    Lucerne Hammer +6, 1d12+6, x2, B/P/Reach/Brace

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    Block perrinmiller


    Firvinianna Laali, Half Drow Elven Sorceress

    As hell breaks loose in the form of undead skeletons, Firvinianna is in a very uncomfortable situation. Luckily delaying a few heartbeats has allowed for her to sidestep from the most immediate danger of being surrounded, putting a corner of a wall between her and one of the skeletons.

    "So much for my snarky observations. I should pay more attention."

    She begins performing a song of inspiration,
    "My friends, fear not,
    be filled with courage,
    We can deal with the lot,
    And silence their dirge."

    Mini Stats & OOC
    OOC: Inspire Courage +1 Att/damage (3 rnds)
    5ft step to E18

    Pardon the bad poetry, I was an engineering major
    AC: 17 (14 flat-footed, 13 Touch, 13 w/out Mage Armor)
    HP: 18 Current: 18
    CMB: +0 CMD: 13 Fort: +0 Reflex: +6 Will: +4 (+5 vs. Enchantments)
    +1 for all with Resistance; Immune to Magical Sleep
    Conditions in Effect: Mage Armor

    Current Weapon in Hand: Longbow

    Bardic Performance: 7/8 Rounds Remaining (lingering +2 rounds); Inspire Courage +1, Fascinate, Countersong, Distraction
    Elemental Ray:
    5/5 Remaining (Turn any elemental spell into Electricity)
    Cantrips: Acid Splash, Ray of Frost, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Resistance, Ghost Sound, Message, Light, Prestidigitation, Spark, Read Magic
    Sorcerer 1st Level Spells: 4/5 remaining; Mage Armor, Magic Missile
    Bard 1st Level Spells: 3/3 remaining; Cure Light Wounds, Grease, Timely Inspiration

    Equipment: Sunrod, CLW Potion (2), Lessor Restoration Potion, +1 Arrows (4), Silver Arrows (4), Flasks of Holy Water (2), Haunt Siphon

    Firvinianna Laali

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    Well this may change all your previous posts. As the Piper goes before everyone and Toddy got the lucky random roll and lost his turn.

    So please blank out the above posts and start anew. BUT - you have to keep your rolls (sorry Mowgli) if you preform the same action. If say Loh wishes to attack the skeleton instead of tripping it, then a new roll would be needed.

    Sorry but I thought perrinmiller would go before everyone else as he usually is first to post up.

    Marshan waits for his eidolon to move in his ever acrobatic manner, but is totally surprised when he looks over to see him just standing there staring off in the wrong direction. His rigidness and utter lack of verbal commentary suggests something is afoot.

    What Toddy is experiencing

    The music draws at the outsider and he wonders where it is coming from. Hearing the rattling bones and chains Toddy tries to turn around but is somehow transfixed (actually held) where he stands.

    And then he sees it. A ghostly apparition that he knows only he can see floating across the hallway towards him. With flute in hand the spirit is accompanied by a half dozen flying stirges, as transparent and ghostly as their master.

    Combat Crunch

    INIT order
    Skeletons - attacked
    Firvin - inspire courage (sorry no move possible)
    Piper - acted this round
    Hall - is up anew
    Toddy - held round 1 of 4 (may try another save DC 14 starting next round)
    Marshan - is up anew
    Loh- is up anew
    Kee- is up anew
    Attached Files Attached Files  

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    I can't see Hall doing anything differently unless he knew the disastrous outcome of his attacks ahead of time - just keep his actions the same. Though this encounter'll be the end of him if I don't get some better rolls.

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    Marshan releases one hand from his hammer and pounds the skeleton that swiped at him.
    Cestus: original roll + 1 IC = 18 -2 shaken = 16 still hits. 4 damage should dust D19 skeleton
    If it does destroy the skeleton, 5' step into its place to make a hole for the girls.
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    Block HolyMan

    The skeleton (at D-19) snaps in half from the blow to it's spine and Marshan steps into its place. He gives his eidolon a quick glance and a worried frown.

    That did take out the skeleton and frees up the square. So if Qik just wishes to keep the actions from before I will advance the round.

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    Block Qik

    Yup, same actions; I'd been waiting to see if Loh would have a place to 5' step to.

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