Fantasy Flight Games Discontinuing RPGs?
  • 51
Back in January, it emerged that FFG was laying off a lot of staff, including RPG staff. Now, GM Chris over at d20 Radio is reporting that the company is discontinuing all RPG development...
DM Guild Treasures: 5 BECMI Modules That Deserve the Big Book Treatment
  • 32
There are a number of players, old and new, who have affection for the original Basic and Expert (and more) B/X or BECMI rules and modules. Already, Goodman Games has given both Keep on the...
5E EN5ider #317 and #318: Logical Spells, ZEITGEIST #9 Part 3, and Free ZEITGEIST!
  • 0
EN5ider is going full-on Vulcan today with a new suite of calculated spells used by the enigmatic mathematician-mages known as the Esoteres—plus the latest installment of the ZEITGEIST Adventure Path and a new set of free PDFs!
5E Epic Monsters: The Invisible Man
  • 18
Since we saw Captain Nemo last week in Mythological Figures today the Epic Monsters column is keeping to the LXG theme and going after the ever unseen rogue, a fellow that drank too quickly and deeply from the wishing well before regretting his choice in the final moments of his life: the Invisible Man!
Monte Cook's Ptolus Kickstarter Has Launched
  • 41
This is one of MCG's luxury products - at nearly 700 pages depicting a massive, detailed fantasy city, we're looking at $150 for the book, or $40 for the PDF, either for D&D 5E or Cypher System...
Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons: A Review of Chapter 1
  • 3
Rick and Morty, the cartoon inspired by Doc Brown and Marty McFly's relationship from the movie Back to the Future, has taken sci-fi comedic nihilism to new highs and lows. The Starter Set, in...
Only One Week Left In EN Publishing's Bundle Of Holding!
  • 0
There's only a week left to grab either of the TWO Bundle of Holding offers currently running for EN PUblishing's tabletop roleplaying games and supplements. One is a repeat of the March 2018 OLD...
D&D Beyond Revisits Popular Feats
  • 86
The folks over at D&D Beyond have revisited the stats in the most popular feats used by class on the DDB platform. It looks like the percentage of characters using feats has increased slightly...
Podcast #87: Starfinder with Alexa
  • 0
This week, Morrus and Peter take a trip to Absalom Station by way of Amazon and tries out the Starfinder app for Alexa. In the news, Dungeons & Dragons praised in Hasbro shareholders meeting...
Gary Gygax Things
  • 16
Let me start by saying that I believe Gary Gygax was a gaming genius. That genius included a lot of skills in crafting D&D designs. I have experienced literally hundreds of DM styles. Gary's style...
Worlds of Design: Shooting Magic Missiles from Silly Places
  • 20
A GM once described a game that was going along the way he wanted until one of the players asked if he could shoot his magic missiles from his groin! According to the GM, the game collapsed into...
News Digest for the Week of February 14
  • 4
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news. Big Dungeons & Dragons announcement coming next week according to Hasbro shareholders meeting, a new celebrity roleplaying series coming...
PF2 Spell Critical Specialization Effects
  • 0
It's a new edition for Pathfinder—and our 30th article in this new run of TRAILseeker, the weekly ezine where we publish Pathfinder Second Edition-compatible material thanks to the support of our...
Dragon Reflections #30
  • 11
TSR Periodicals published The Dragon Issue 30 in October 1979. It is 48 pages long and has a cover price of $2.00. In this issue, TSR tackles the Satanic Panic, we have a new column by Len...
'DC Universe All Star Games' Is A New RPG Show Featuring Freddie Prinze Jr and Sam Witwer
  • 26
DC Universe All Star Games is a new show coming from DC Universe on February 28th which features celebrity gamers playing the 80s DC Heroes RPG. The Breakfast League is the first 5-part adventure and features superpowered teenagers in a Gotham City high school.
RPG Crowdfunding News – Tome of Beasts 2, High Colonies, 70 RPG Zines, and More
  • 8
This week’s list of RPG crowdfunding projects covers those campaigns that end between February 21 and 27 (with a number that spilled over from last week). That includes at least 10 RPG and...
D&D Digital Plans To Be Revealed On February 21st
  • 101
Brian D. Goldner, Chairman of the Board and CEO at Hasbro took part in the company's Quarter 4 2019 earnings call. This included several references to D&D. D&D grew again for the sixth year in...
One Page Adventure: The Shuggins Heist
  • 0
It's D&D 5E ONE PAGE ADVENTURE TIME! This was a difficult one to cram onto one page! I wasn't sure I'd manage it, but I got there eventually. You'll need a deck of cards for this one. This One...
DMs Guild Roundup: January/February
  • 10
Welcome to the DM Guild Roundup - End of Year / New Year Edition! We have some gems for your treasure boxes today that we think you will get some play out of. Was the holiday season good? Did you...
Companies Cut Ties With Judges Guild After Owner's Racist Posts
  • 470
Several game publishers, including Bat in the Attic, have said that they will no longer do business with Judges Guild after its owner posted a number of racist and anti-semitic statements.

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