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The Triumph and Tragedy of "Free"
  • 24
It's never been a better time to be a tabletop role-player. The freedom of choice seems limitless, with over a hundred thousand RPG products on DriveThruRPG and DMs Guild combined. A significant...
Level Up: Join The Team!
  • 12
Earlier this week we announced Level Up, the 'advanced' version of 5th Edition. We are recruiting an elite team of diverse 5E designers to join us on this journey. We pay well, and on time...
Lost Omens: Legends Review
  • 5
Hello again my friends, and welcome to another PAIZO REVIEW! The bounty of new products from the Golem has yet to let up, so let’s sink our teeth into some lighter fare. This time we’re reviewing...
Rivers of London RPG: the creative team is assembled!
  • 8
Chaosium is producing the Rivers of London Roleplaying Game, based on Ben Aaronovitch’s best-selling urban fantasy fiction. Reflecting the series' inventive take on the fantastic—from Newtonian...
EN5ider #346 - Spells for Punching
  • 2
Today EN5ider wants you to reach out and touch someone—with a bit of magic that knocks them on their ass!
Mythological Figures: Dr. Moreau
  • 13
Mythological Figures is going mad today, mad I tell you! On this lonely island the beasts walk like men—or something more, something in between humans and animals. Today we take a trip to the island of Dr. Moreau!
Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Is Coming!
  • 138
Level Up is the working title for a standalone 'advanced 5E' backwards compatible tabletop RPG coming to Kickstarter in 2021 from EN Publishing. A crunchier, more flexible version of the 5E...
You Have The Power! New Masters of the Universe RPG!
  • 89
Legends of Grayskull is an upcoming tabletop RPG based on the 1980s Masters of the Universe cartoon show. The game is being produced by Fandom (the owners of D&D Beyond) who announced a Dragon...
Podcast #112: Esper Genesis with Rich Lescouflair
  • 3
This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by Rich Lescouflair to talk about his sci-fi 5e RPG Esper Genesis. In the news, Baldur’s Gate III release delayed, Hellboy gets an official RPG, new D&D...
If you're an Eberron fan, listen to next week's podcast!
  • 6
Next week, Eberron creator Keith Baker will be on our podcast. He will have 3 hardcover copies of Exploring Eberron to give away to three listeners who are able to answer three obscure Eberron...
Curse of Strahd Pre-painted Minis Set
  • 24
WizKids has a Legends of Barovia set of 7 plastic prepainted minis available for pre-order.
News Digest for the Week of August 7
  • 15
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news. New Unearthed Arcana for D&D, Baldur’s Gate III release date pushed back, Hellboy RPG, accusations levied against Onyx Path, big names...
Worlds of Design: The Cost of Trade
  • 41
This is related to world building, and also related to player characters when they choose to invest in or participate in trading activities in your world/campaign. In some rulesets the characters...
The Dark Eye - Gods of Aventuria Interview
  • 19
The Dark Eye, the most popular RPG in the German-speaking world, is in its fifth edition in English and continuing to attract new fans. On GameOnTabletop, Ulisses Spiele, the publisher of The Dark...
Get 300+ Issues of EN5ider For A Dollar!
  • 11
Subscribe to EN5ider for as little as a dollar a month and get access to 300+ issues in the back catalog, plus a new issue every week. EN5ider features 5E rules, classes, adventures, items, and...
Exploring Eberron's Map of the Planes
  • 25
Artist Marco Bernardini created the map of the planes in Keith Baker's new Eberron sourcebook (Keith will be on our podcast in two week with three hardcovers to give away). You can grab it from...
Unearthed Arcana: Spirits Bard and Undeath Warlock
  • 414
We have a new UA release with two subclasses. The College of Spirits Bard is a fortune teller or spirit medium type character with a big random effect table. Meanwhile the Undeath Pact Warlock is...
65 Enchanted Trinkets for 5th Edition
  • 1
A collection of colorful minor magical treasures to spice up your game without breaking it - coming soon to Kickstarter! We've already delivered the PDF rewards for Mythological Figures (in under...
Check Out This Conan Character Sheet (Pad)
  • 12
I'm always a fan of artistic character sheets. As the player's User Interface into the game, I feel that the character sheet is one of the most important things to consider. This character 'sheet...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Dragonflight, INSPIRISLES, and more
  • 9
I hope everyone had a great Gen Con last weekend! This week’s list of RPG crowdfunding projects bridge Gen Con giving us a chance to see the before and after affects of the online version of the...



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