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A BATMAN RPG Has Just Been Announced
  • 12
Play as vigilantes, criminals or Gotham City cops in the official Batman tabletop RPG! French publisher Monolith Edition has announced Batman Gotham City Chronicles: The Role Playing Game, to be...
Podcast #118: Skullkickers for 5e with Mike Olson
  • 0
This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by Mike Olson to talk about Skullkickers, the hardcover collection of the Jim Zub comic book with included RPG adventure. In the news, Rime of the...
Worlds of Design: Escaping Tolkien
  • 82
In my previous article we discussed technological differences; this article focuses on cultural differences. Perhaps the cultural differences aren’t as clear in one’s awareness, but can be very...
News Digest for the Week of September 18
  • 3
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news. More info on Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, new release announcements for Pathfinder 2e, more Figurines of Adorable Power, new Level Up...
Level Up Playtest Document #2: Fighter
  • 73
Welcome to the second Level Up playtest document. This playtest contains a candidate for the first 10 levels of game’s fighter class, and our new combat maneuvers system. This playtest document...
[Kobold Press] Scarlet Citadel Kickstarter
  • 3
From the kobolds who brought you Empire of the Ghouls, Deep Magic, Creature Codex, Tome of Beasts, and Tome of Beasts 2 comes a brand-new dungeon-delving adventure, Scarlet Citadel for 5th...
Ruins of Symbaroum [5E] - The Promised Land: An Interview With Free League Publishing
  • 22
Free League is converting their award-winning dark fantasy tabletop RPG, Symbaroum, to use the Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition system. To start a conversation about the conversion, they’re...
RPG Superstar -- Public Voting Round!
  • 3
RPG Superstar, the annual Pathfinder design competition once run by Paizo and now by Roll For Combat, has narrowed down the entries to a final 101 contestants. It's now time for the public to...
We Are All Mad Here: 28-Page Preview of MCG's Fairytale Game
  • 5
Monte Cook Games has released a free preview of We Are All Mad Here, a Cypher-system game based on fairy tales. "Jack climbing the beanstalk. The little mermaid finding her voice. Alice...
RPG Crowdfunding News – Scion: Demigod, Into the Fey, Laser Ponies, and more
  • 19
This week’s RPG crowdfunding projects through Kickstarter and IndieGoGo end by October 1st. These project include new rules, settings, and expansions to Scion, D&D, Monster of the Week, Delve...
A First Look at Tasha’s Lineage System In AL Player’s Guide - Customizing Your Origin In D&D
  • 706
The new player’s guide for the D&D Adventurers League has been released. Appendix 1 includes the new info from Tasha’s Cauldron on customizing your origin. It‘s a one-page appendix. The D&D...
Two Subclasses from Tasha for Barbarian and Warlock
  • 133
WotC has posted two previews from the upcoming Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything — the barbarian’s Path of Wild Magic and the warlock’s Genie patron. You can download them both as PDFs...
Lords of the Middle Sea: An Interview
  • 3
I spoke with Jason Durall about Chaosium’s upcoming Lords of the Middle Sea Roleplaying Game for Basic Roleplaying. Based on Chaosium’s second board game of the same name, published in 1978, the...
EN5ider #351 - Enchanted Trinkets: Scraps of Knowledge
  • 0
EN5ider's 351st article brings us a set of 10 unique academic items! As enchanted trinkets these are fun and low impact magic items that can be destroyed for a more potent effect, but unlike the others a few have a more insidious and subtle cost...
Epic Monsters: Bunyip
  • 8
Oi Epic Monsters is headed back down under to take a gander at a mythological creature from the Outback, a mysterious beast of which little is definitively known: the bunyip!
Pathfinder 2E's African-inspired Sourcebook
  • 53
Paizo has announced Lost Omens: Mwangi Expanse for June 2021, a setting sourcebook which delves into an African-themed area of Golarion. At over 300 pages, the book also includes six new...
Meet the Daughter of Hideous Laughter
  • 45
The upcoming Tasha's Cauldron of Everything supplement for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons promises to reveal many secrets, but perhaps the most tantalizing is a picture of her sitting in front...
How To Promote Your RPG Kickstarter
  • 43
I've run over a dozen Kickstarters, some big, some small, over a period of several years, and along the way I learned a few things about the process. I thought I'd share what I'd found out so far...
Podcast #117 More Exploring Eberron with Keith Baker
  • 1
This week, Morrus and Peter are joined by Keith Baker to talk more about Exploring Eberron plus announce the winners of last month’s contest! In the news, Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden...
Lessons Learned from Virtual Gaming
  • 36
I wasn't completely new to online gaming before Covid-19, but recent events have given me a crash course, as it has for most of us. It's made me change my gaming habits, but also taught me a few...

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