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August 15th

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August 15th

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September 19th

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse
October 16th

The Book of Many Things
November 14th


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Beth Rimmels

Beth Rimmels

Strahd Returns with Curse of Strahd Revamped: An In-Depth Review
Curse of Strahd Revamped (CoSR) follows in the footsteps of last year's revised reissue, when...
Icewind Dale: Rise of the Frostmaiden Dice & Miscellany Review
To accompany Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, Wizards of the Coast released the Icewind...
Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden -- A Comprehensive Review
Icewind Dale: Rime of the Rostmaiden is the latest official Dungeons & Dragons adventure, and...
Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall -- An Interview with the Creators
While set in 1920s Chinatown, in many ways Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall is a game for our...
Mythic Odysseys of Theros: An In-Depth Review
The latest Magic the Gathering card set converted for 5th Edition Dungeons of Dragons is Mythic...
Laeral Silverhand's Explorer's Kit: A Review
Let's be honest—dice are gamer bling. To support our dice habit, Wizards of the Coast has...
Explorer's Guide to Wildemount Review
The combination of Critical Role's success and its patronage from D&D Beyond in its second...
A D&D Gift Guide for Everyone
With D&D's popularity, either passionate players or people interested in the game are probably...
Eberron: Rising from the Last War - A Review
Almost as soon as 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons launched, vocal fans started asking for...
Dungeons & Dragons vs. Rick and Morty: A Review
The Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set was a no-brainer considering how wrapped into...
Tyranny of Dragons: A Review
Revising Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamet into one book, Tyranny of Dragons (which...
The Return of Tyranny of Dragons: First Impressions
Gamers don't usually ask for a revision to an existing adventure unless it's to adapt it to a...
Deep Dive into Descent Into Avernus
The seeds for Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus were planted in last year's release...
Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus First Impressions
In Dungeons & Dragons lore and games, jokes are frequently made about Baldur's Gate going to...
Dungeons, Mayhem, and Dice Accessories: A Review
To go with the official release of Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus (my review will be...
D&D Essentials Kit Offers a New Place to Start
One of the biggest surprises at D&D Live 2019: The Descent was the announcement of the D&D Essentials Kit. The D&D Starter Set has already been around several years so it was surprising that that Wizards of the Coast would make another set for new players. It seemed even more odd once they explained that the Essentials Kit was not replacing the Starter Set.
Acquisitions Incorporated Takes Over D&D: A Review
Wizards of the Coast's collaboration with Penny Arcade to create a Dungeons & Dragons supplement...

D&D 5E Acquisitions, Inc.: First Impressions

Acquisitions Inc. has earned a special, beloved place in the actual play segment of the game industry. In 2009, long before Critical Role, Sirens of the Realms, or Dice, Camera, Action, Penny Arcade debuted D&D games presented as podcasts. They later transitioned to video and live-play in front of an audience at conventions, and have even had a comic book. Crowds for those live events have grown to larger and larger venues.

D&D 5E Ghosts of Saltmarsh: A Review

Wizards of the Coast is promoting Ghosts of Saltmarsh as an adventure book with a setting and rule supplements so since I already did a spoiler-free review of the book overall, let's take a closer look at the adventures it contains. While I avoid significant spoilers, be aware that broad information about each adventure is mentioned.

Ghosts of Saltmarsh: First Impressions

Ghosts of Saltmarsh will make Greyhawk fans happy without losing newer D&D 5th Edition players. Billed as a supplement for nautical adventures, it's a mix of new rules for ships and sea travel, adventures and supplemental material for any coastal campaign.

Stranger Things and D&D at Last: A Review

The Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set was pretty much inevitable. From the moment we saw Mike DM D&D for his friends early in the first session of the Netflix series, the clock started ticking when some crossover product would be released. Announced at Toy Fair earlier this year, Hasbro is heavily gearing this product to the mass market, not just hobby game stores.

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