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Russ Morrissey



Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

What Does a RED DRAGON'S ROAR Sound Like?

  • 13
Syrinscape is a company which produces soundtracks for Paizo's adventure paths. You can download a (free) Syrinscape Player to your tablet or laptop, and then purchase individual soundtrack packs for your game. Check out this video, where Syrinscape demonstrates Fortress of the Stone Giants for the Rise of the Runelords adventure path.

Rodney Thompson Looks Behind The Screen

  • 70
WotC's Rodney Thompson is the author of the first in a new series of articles on the official D&D website, "a regular column by Dungeon Masters for Dungeon Masters that presents helpful tips for use in your D&D campaign." The first article looks at the creation of an adventure cheat/prep sheet, incuding the adventure, interludes, character arcs, encounters, and more.
EN5IDER and TRAILseeker Are Coming Soon!
  • 26
You may recall the recent call for editors, artists, graphic designers, and writers for the two upcoming publications, EN5IDER and TRAILseeker. I've got a little sneak preview of each today. Lots of work is still going on behind the scenes, as there will be a selection of free sample articles (including a full adventure for each!) available at launch so that you can see what to expect before pledging and becoming a patron, but we're not far off now!
By Crom! Modiphius is Making a New CONAN RPG
  • 66
Modiphius Entertainment will be producing the newest Conan roleplaying game. Titled Robert E. Howard’s CONAN Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of, the game is planned for an August 2015 launch, and will focus on Howard's original stories using the 2d20 game system, the cinematic roleplaying rules devised by Jay Little (Star Wars: Edge of the Empire) for Mutant Chronicles. "Modiphius is already working on the roleplaying corebook for Robert E. Howard’s CONAN Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of to be released this Fall. A Kickstarter is planned for the summer to fund a larger range of roleplaying supplements, campaigns, and accessories to follow the core book."
TSR's Lawrence Schick on the Development of The Known World
  • 26
D&D historians may be interested in this fascinating article by TSR's head of design and development in the 1980s, Lawrence Schick. It deals with the creation of the Known World (which later became Mystara), one of the earliest D&D campaign settings (first officially mentioned in Module X1: The Isle of Dread). "We decided to plot out a single giant Pangea-type continent on which there would be fantasy-fictionalized versions of each of the above cultures. We also added homelands for the nonhuman races: Orcs, Goblins, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Lizard-Men, Deep Ones, Kzinti Catfolk, and Barsoomian Tharks, as well as a pirate kingdom, and areas where prehistoric creatures were the norm. Plus in every land there would be hidden cults that worshiped Lovecraftian Elder Gods... We dubbed this setting the “Known World,” to imply there was more out there yet to be discovered..."
Now You Can SMELL Your Roleplaying Games with scentFX
  • 22
Have you ever wanted to conjure up the smell of an ancient crypt, a rowdy tavern, or the fishing docks to help with your players' immersion into your game? A Kickstarter aims to do just that, making small "scentFX" orbs - only if you're in America, though. For $10, Americans can get a sample-5 pack, or for $15 a jar of their choice. The initial line-up includes 20 scents, with additional scents available as stretch goals.
Mutant Chronicles RPG Cover by Scott Schomburg
  • 3
Modiphius has unveiled the cover of the Mutant Chronicles 'Techno Fantasy' Roleplaying Game by Scott Schomburg. Scott is well known to Star Wars fans as the cover artist of the chart topping Edge of the Empire roleplaying game. The art for this third edition of the game is inspired by the iconic Paul Bonner covers from the 1990's. The scene features a face-kicking from fan favourite character Mitch Hunter, in a homage to the cover of the original Capitol supplement.
Looking for Pregenerated D&D Characters?
  • 16
If you're looking for pregenerated D&D characters, the following sites might be your answer. You probably already know about the starter set characters which can be downloaded from WotC, but Tabletopping.net has a bunch of pregens already presented on character sheets ready to print out and play, covering each class/archetype combination at various levels; and over on WotC's messageboards there's a whole bunch of assorted fan-created pregens, some of which are also legal for organized play. Alternatively, there's a PDF of 1,000 basic pregens.
WizKids Elemental Evil miniatures boosters
  • 21
WotC's upcoming Elemental Evil miniatures (via WizKids) include an ogre. There are 44 Elemental Evil miniatures in total, releasing on March 31st in randomly assorted booster sets for $15.99 each. "Collect all 44 figures from Elemental Evil, the newest set of randomly sorted monsters and heroes in our exciting new line of D&D miniatures, Icons of the Realms. Bring the world of the Forgotten Realms to life with these new miniatures from the Elemental Evil storyline. Wage war against prophets, monsters and elemental creatures to thwart their devious plans to wreak massive amounts of havoc upon the Material Plane!"
New PATHFINDER MINIS Include The Mimic!
  • 8
This week, let's take a look at two related upcoming Pathfinder miniatures: the chest and the mimic! The Dungeons Deep set includes a variety of dungeon dressing pieces, and this is no exception. But is the chest just a chest, or will you switch it out for the mimic when your players get too close?

The Perturbed Dragon S01E02: The New Guy

  • 0
In the second episode of THE PERTURBED DRAGON, Dave the Orc joins the group. But he's not really fitting in! The Perturbed Dragon is an animated show from EN World featuring a group of adventurers playing the latest roleplaying game at their favourite tavern. See it every Friday here on EN World!
Is this the world's best D&D gaming room?
  • 43
The Burntwire Brothers have spent two years building a D&D room to contain their collection and perform as a space to play. Along with automatic lighting, strobes, and a fog machine, plus an integrated sound system, it contains props from the D&D movie, lanterns, stained glass effect windows, a door which requiers a skeleton key to open, a weapons rack, and a portcullis - plus, of course, shelves for gaming books and accessories.
C&Ds for Online D&D 5E Character Generators
  • 283
Ed Friedlander reports that WotC has asked him to remove his D&D character generators. Ed ran the generators at his site, Pathguy.com, including a D&D 5E character generator. His Pathfinder RPG character generator is still running. Thanks to Slayyne for the scoop (who also reports that at least one other site has also closed). [Update: while the actual request has not been shared, others have reported that these are very amicable requests].
Monarch of the Monsters: Kobold Press' 5E Monster Design Contest
  • 23
Kobold Press is holding a D&D 5E Monster Design Contest called Monarch of the Monsters. They'll be judged by a panel made up of Wolfgang Baur, Rich Howard, and Steve Winter, and the top five voted on by the public. Prizes include signed copies of Kobold Press' books, including Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Kobold Guide to Combat. While entries become property of Kobold Press, Wolfgang Baur mentioned by email to me that "prizes and payment are awarded for the winner and for published work, etc."
What's the most anticipated RPG of 2015?
  • 77
I'm taking nominations for a poll I plan to start next week. The theme is most anticipated RPG for 2015. This is for complete roleplaying games, not adventure, supplement, accessory, sourcebook...
WotC Wants You To Oversee Licensed Products
  • 22
WotC has a vacancy for an Associate Game Producer on the Dungeons & Dragons team. The position is heavily linked to the management of licensed properties - both physical and digital - and deals with, amongst other things, licensee submissions. The job is, of course, located at WoTC's HQ in Renton, near Seattle. It's an interesting vacancy, with it's focus on third parties and licensees, although the exact nature of those third parties is not mentioned. However, it doesn't stop us speculating!
28 Ways to Appreciate Your DM...
  • 8
In celebration of the upcoming International GM's Day, WotC has listed 28 ways in which you can appreciate your Dungeon Master. What are you planning on doing for International GM's Day on March 4th? It's only 28 days away and is frequently accompanied by sales and special offers! Buy your GM a gift? Get (or bake!) a celebratory cake? Or even just remember to go out of your way to so say "thank you".
16 Free Maps Courtesy of the RPG SUPERSTAR Top 16
  • 3
Paizo has just announced the RPG Superstar Top 16 for 2015! Contestants were tasked to create a map, which means you get 16 awesome maps you can use in your home games. I've listed them all below (along with their entries for the previous round, which was to design a wondrous item). Their next task will be to design a monster and statblock, which will whittle them down to a Top 8 on February 10th. I've posted my favourite below, but click through to choose your own!
GF9 is updating the D&D 5E SPELL CARDS
  • 73
The spellbook cards from Gale Force 9 were generally positively received, but they did have their fair share of criticism. Gale Force 9 has heard that criticism, and is updating the cards. The new ones have rounded corners, and a concentration notation, which were the two main complaints about the cards. These new cards should be headed to stores right about now. Finally, tow missing spells have been added, and small add-on packs will contain archetype cards. (Thanks to Jeremy for the scoop).
Scions of the Sky Key: New Pathfinder Society Scenarios
  • 0
New Pathfinder Society scenarios are now available from Paizo. On Sharrowsmith's Trail begins the Scions of the Sky Key campaign arc, while Of Kirin and Kraken heads back to the Dragon Empire.



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