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Russ Morrissey


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September 2021
The Wild Beyond The Witchlight

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Fizban's Treasury of Dragons

November 2021
Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

Preview Atlantis' Undead Slayer from Savage Rifts!
  • 3
The folk over at Pinnacle Entertainment Group have sent along a preview of the Undead Slayer from Atlantis Rising, their latest Kickstarter for Savage Rifts along with a look at some of the...
TSR3 Blames Widespread Pushback On WotC
  • 839
In an unexpected turn of events, the primary individuals behind TSR3 have claimed the pushback they've received on social media and elsewhere was orchestrated by .... D&D publisher Wizards of the...
Benedict Cumberbatch Joining D&D Movie?
  • 97
According to The Sun, Benedict Cumberbatch is joining Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Rege-Jean Page, Hugh Grant and others in 2023's D&D movie. He was in the The Hobbit trilogy as Smaug, the...
Companies & Freelancers Distance Themselves From The New TSR
  • 1,452
The new TSR (which I refer to as TSR3 to avoid confusion) has doubled down on its stance--which has been widely condemned online--via an ongoing series of tweets and replies from its TSR Games...
Level Up: Magical Items & Wondrous Artifacts
  • 9
5th Edition has quite the array of magical items for adventurers to discover and use. And of course, Level Up: Advanced 5E has, too! We have over 500 magic items in the core rulebook, including...
TSR (2) Confirms TSR (3)'s Acquisition of Trademark (Updated!)
  • 631
Jayson Elliot registered the TSR trademark back in 2011 and used it to launch Gygax Magazine along with Ernie and Luke Gygax. The two Gygax's left the company a few years later after Gary Gygax's...
Ernie Gygax on New TSR, WotC Beefs, Trademarks, Licensees, 5E, & More
  • 322
A YouTube channel, 'Live From the Bunker', interviewed Ernie Gygax about the new TSR. I've watched and decided to try to transcribe the most relevant parts of it, but the full hour-long video is...
The Mystery Deepens -- Jim Ward Knows Nothing About A New TSR!
  • 64
The mysteries about a new TSR are just getting more and more confusing! Not only did another new TSR announce its launch recently, they claim to be the original company resurrected, using names...
Wrestlers Join the D&D Live Fray!
  • 24
In addition to Jack Black and others, WotC's 'D&D Live' event this year will feature a game called The Chaos of Carnival Table played by a group of wrestlers: Xavier Woods, Ember Moon, MACE, and...
A TSR Announces a Star Frontiers Reboot
  • 174
One of the new TSRs (yes there are now two TSRs!) has announced a reboot of Star Frontiers, the sci-fi game made by the original TSR back in the 1980s. Star Frontiers was a percentile dice...
Spells of the Ages: Archmagic For D&D 5th Edition
  • 4
This 27-page book contains 38 new spells, a new school of ecomancy for wizards, plus rules for upcasting 19 spells from the 5E core rules...
Flying Buffalo Being Sold?
  • 46
Flying Buffalo's CEO Steve Crompton has indicated that the company is being sold to an undisclosed buyer! Flying Buffalo a tabletop gaming company founded in 1970 - published Ken St Andre's...
TSR Is Back.... Again!
  • 139
TSR is back... again! A new company, using the name and logo of the original publisher of Dungeons & Dragons has just been launched, along with a limited edition new game called Giantlands, and a...
BEAM ME UP! An Awfully Cheerful Demo!
  • 2
With literally just 4 hours left in the Kickstarter, you just about have time to watch this demo of BEAM ME UP, and then back The Awfully Cheerful Engine! These are the voyages of the starship...
Jeff Easley Is Selling Art Prints
  • 26
Jeff Easley is an iconic D&D artist, and his work features on the covers of many core rulebooks over the decades. You can buy prints (hi-res scans) of these pieces starting at $30, and going up to...
  • 5
Get your best Tina Turner cosplay ready, because overnight we blasted past the DOMES OF THUNDER stretch goal. The (post) apoocalypse is nigh! Mutants! Explosions! Cars with machine guns! You all...
Another Year of EN World Demographics!
  • 113
As I did last year, this is a look at EN World's demographics. This period is June 2020 to June 2021. The data reflects over 5M unique visitors and tens of millions of page views. The short...
WotC Teases Possible Dragonlance Video Game
  • 95
WotC CEO Chris Cocks may have just teased a Dragonlance video game, amongst others. Talking to GamesIndustry.biz, he made reference to the over 100 D&D video games of the past, and indicated that...
New WotC Survey! Learn About A New D&D Product!
  • 456
WotC has launched a new survey about the future of D&D. This survey includes an NDA (which some people have not taken to well!) halfway through, which asks you not to talk about the survey on pain...
From the ENP News Desk!
  • 0
Hi everybody! This is the start of a new weekly column in which we'll round up all the news from EN Publishing over the past 7 days. There's a lot to cover this week, so I'll dive straight in...

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