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Michael Tresca



Michael Tresca

Michael Tresca

Game Design Like a Boy Scout: Week 1 - What’s a Game?
  • 5
When my son joined Boy Scouts, I decided to teach the Game Design Merit Badge to his Troop. When I picked up the guide to teaching the badge, I was pleasantly surprised to see tabletop...

Eat This, It's Good for You!

  • 25
Dungeons & Dragons set up many of the tropes that have since influenced computer and video role-playing games, but one of the more interesting offsets of this is how D&D handles food. Which is to...

Who Killed the Megaverse?

  • 79
The popularity of Dungeons & Dragons has helped establish a baseline genre of fantasy that makes the game easily accessible to those familiar with its tropes. But in D&D's early days, the idea of mixing sci-fi and fantasy was built into the game.

Where's Our D&D Theme Park?

  • 15
Hasbro recently announced a licensing agreement with Imagine Resorts and Hotels, LLC to develop the first-ever Hasbro themed indoor water park and family resort. This announcement followed a licensing agreement with Kilburn Live to create, build and operate Hasbro-themed family entertainment centers across the U.S. and Canada. Despite references to Hasbro's brands ranging from My Little Pony to Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons wasn't mentioned. Why not?

Momo is Still Not Real (But Memes Are)

  • 77
D&D is no stranger to moral panics, and there's a new boogeyman taking the place of demons in the 80s: Momo, a fake picture of a fake sculpture about a fake trend.

It's a Good Thing D&D Isn't a Toy

  • 74
We've previously discussed a time when Dungeons & Dragons was considered as much of a toy as it was a book. The loss of D&D in toy stores was a blow to a hobby that found its footing among a younger generation. Now things have come full circle as the bottom of the toy market fell out from under Wizards of the Coast's parent company, Hasbro.

Who Playtested This Anyway?

  • 31
The first playtests of Dungeons & Dragons were by Gary Gygax, his kids, and his friends. The industry has evolved considerably since then and playtesting along with it. A new playtesting...

Where Have All the Gamers Gone?

  • 65
The recent spat between TV host Bill Maher and fans of the late Stan Lee over comic books and their place in a "mature" society has raised a broader question: does being a gamer geek mean you don't participate in adulthood?

The Battle Continues Over "Childish Things"

  • 206
The recent kerfuffle between Bill Maher and comic fans mourning Stan Lee's passing has illustrated an ugly truth that geeks everywhere continue to face: geekdom is still viewed by some as a sign that society has failed to "grow up."

Blockchain and RPGs: When Fantasy Meets (Digital) Reality

  • 16
The advent of blockchain technology has effectively given the intangible real, permanent value. When it comes to fantasy games largely relegated to the imaginary realm, blockchain technology could...

Bandersnatch: A Movie About Player Character Agency

  • 2
Netflix recently released an installment of its Black Mirror series titled "Bandersnatch" about a young programmer who gets a big break coding a video game in the 80s. The twist is that he's actually part of a choose-your-own-adventure-style branching-path game that Netflix viewers can play. The many possible outcomes explore player -- and character -- agency. Who is really in control? Please note that this article contains spoilers!

Crazed Gamers Celebrate 40 Years at Gen Con

  • 7
The National Association of Crazed Gamers (NASCRAG) will be celebrating its 40th anniversary of tournament play at Gen Con this year. NASCRAG's success is proof that competitive Dungeons & Dragons has always been a part of the game's history.

Hobby Games: It Was a Very Good Year

  • 44
The hobby market continues to spiral upward year-after-year. Can the industry keep this up?

The Santa War: Army of the Immortals

  • 1
The author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum, also created a backstory for Santa that involved a surprising amount of violence between demonic forces and fey immortals. This article focuses on the good guys for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons games looking for holiday inspiration.

The Santa War: Army of the Awgwas

  • 1
The author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum, also created a backstory for Santa that involved a surprising amount of violence between demonic forces and fey immortals. This article spotlights the bad guys for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons games looking for some holiday inspiration.

The Nightmare Before ChristmOz

  • 5
Game Masters looking to run Christmas-themed one-shot games over the holidays need look no further than The Nightmare Before Christmas. Tim Burton's movie has become an iconic symbol of the holiday cycle in America, but its roots are much older...and considerably more violent. For that, we can thank L. Frank Baum, author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Your Top Gifts for RPG Players

  • 3
We asked and you answered: Here's the top gifts you recommended for the tabletop role-playing game players in your life.

How I Escaped the Panic Room: A Broken Mind Review

  • 3
My wife recently surprised me with an escape room outing for my birthday. It gave me an appreciation for the basics of how escape rooms work and how they can be applied to tabletop role-play.

Your Most Popular Gift Ideas for GMs

  • 2
What should you buy your game master this holiday? We asked and you answered. Here's the top gift ideas you recommended and links to buy them.

Poll of the Week: What's the Best Gift For a RPG Player?

  • 15
We heard about what you would buy a game master for the holidays, so now it's the player's turn!

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